Our Story Part 31 {new}

Back in 2010 just before I got married I was sitting around one day and started thinking about the journey that hubby and I had been on that lead us to getting engaged and everything that lead to that day that we said “I Do.” As I thought of the story I started writing it out. If you’re new to these parts, you’ll definitely want to get caught up on the back story and click on this link will take you to a post containing all the previous links. Then one day earlier this year I read back through those posts and started thinking again. The more that came to me, the more I wanted to get this story written out so I didn’t forget.

So here’s the next step in the story of my husband and me. This post has been sitting around for a while waiting for me to hit publish, and today marks the 6th anniversary of my husband and my first date. That seemed like the best time to hit publish.


PC proposed to me at 10:15 that morning. He stuck around for about 20 minutes or so and then eventually went back out to his truck. Once noon rolled around I went out and met him so that we could go to lunch together. He made the comment that he had contacted my boss to plan this whole event out so that I wouldn’t get in trouble. He also said he wished he’d have thought to ask for me to have the rest of the day off. He also thought it would have been nice if my boss would have just told me to take the rest of the day off, but he didn’t so we just went to lunch.


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Repost from June 30, 2010

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Ok so I think I was way over reacting. So what if he found photos of us… he didn’t say he was swooning over them or anything like that. He said he found photos of us and that was a time. Well heck yeah it was a time; it was a great time; a fabulous time. Calm Down Nicole!
Me: I can’t figure this phone out… I got a new phone yesterday and it’ll allow me to read all inbox messages but yours… Weird!Him: Weird are you using an iPhone?

Me: I am now and it won’t hardly show me your responses. I just got this Monday though. I did have a Pantec Duo.

Him: LOL. Sorry for your troubles… LOL.  Are you using the facebook App or Safari Internet?

Me: I was using the facebook app. sounds like you know about iPhones… In that case does that mean you have one and if so… that would mean you were AT&T right? I could be completely assuming all of this though… but if you have AT&T and you had unlimited texting… that would be so much easier. I don’t think my iPhone wants us to talk… it lets me see everyone’s message they send me through here… geez…

Me: and if not, I guess I’ll use the dial up internet at the house… it’ll make my desktop feel loved. I bought a laptop last Thursday night and I can hardly stay off of it but it isn’t hooked up to the internet unless I’m at a friend’s house.

Yes I’m long winded.  And nervous, bad combination!

Him: my number is……
Oh crap… so now the ball is back in my court… how do I handle this, what do I say, what do I do now. Logical thinking, pick up where I left off or say “Hi” could be good or something, but we all know logic flies out the window in these types of situations. Ok so if I can’t think of “hi” or something a little more creative, think of something clever… something clever, what is clever, hell what is my name… ok think, relax Nicole…  Oh I figured out my name.  Good.  Deep breathes breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out…. Hey, you could text him.  Then he’d have your number.  Finally, a great idea!  The next thing I know the cell phone in my hand starts ringing.Hello Nicole, it’s ringing, this would be where you slide the lever across and answer the phone by saying, “Hello.” I think you learned this in Kindergarten right?  Maybe even before Kindergarten that saying hello answers the phone. Ok Nicole if you don’t answer this it’s going to stop ringing and he’s going to wonder if you gave him a false number. Come on Nicole, answer the phone. Yes somewhere in there I gave him mine but I don’t remember where or how… come to think of it, maybe that was the clever thing I texted him… This is my cell number.


Finally my brain came back and I answered the phone.


“Hey! I didn’t think you were going to answer… I was beginning to wonder.”

“Oh yeah, I had to find my phone.” Duh Nicole that was dumb… you had the dumb thing in your hand, you texted him your cell number…. bright!

“Ah! Well I just figured this would be easier than texting, a lot faster too.”

“Oh definitely!”  Yup, I’m full of clever words.  It finally went somewhere more than just the pleasantries.  


Repost – Our Story Part 4

Repost from June 25, 2010

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So now we are up to Thursday of last year. I am on 5 nights without sleep or very very little. I finally started passing out from exhaustion after midnight every night but for someone who loves sleep, this definitely wasn’t enough to get me through! We are to dress up 4 days a week at the office and I’m pretty sure by this point, as long as I found clothes to wear, I didn’t care. I made it to work and I wasn’t in my pj’s.I talked to people all day long because of the constant question, “Boy you don’t look like you feel good. Are you ok?” That I swear is the dreaded question to hear!

Still can’t talk to that person on the phone, all that ends of it is yelling which leads to more sleepless nights. Text was the only possible method and you so can’t tell tone through a text message so it was bad!

To me, the world is ending or something. It’s a pretty hard feeling. Heck I dated this guy longer than a lot of marriages last… Think about that for a minute. It was almost as if we were getting a divorce however we weren’t married and we didn’t live together.

So leave it to me, in all of this, remember the iPhone I ordered. Ok so I also had a desktop PC that was really old. Well my friend Kalem had just bought a new laptop and I really liked it so what did I do… I used my non-sleep to my advantage. I started looking for laptops. Then, I found it. The laptop that was going to be mine.


Repost – Our Story Part 3

Repost from June 23, 2010

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So thinking back to a year ago, the next few days get a little hazy because I was on day 2 of no sleep. Add in there the fact that the night before lead to a lot of “talking” through text messages if you want to call it that because I couldn’t speak to this person on the phone without one or the other of us yelling at each other.

So now we are at the Tuesday after Father’s Day and still no sleep and still beating myself up over all the turmoil. Then it really starts, I get emails from the guys sister. Oh Joy… Me, I ignored them. It was best that way. She was just stirring up more trouble than any of this was worth.

***Ok so the next bit of information, is a little off topic, but it is important to the rest of the story so I need to break in to inform you of some information!***

I mentioned yesterday that most of my friends had moved on with their lives. Well I eventually made new friends that I hung out with a lot. The best part about this was I’m a country girl and well, they weren’t country… but we got along GREAT! These friends on the other hand were techy’s. And what do Techy’s have? Techy’s have iPhones! And what did I have? A Pantec Duo.

Repost – Our Story Part II

Repost from June 22, 2010.
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So 1 year ago today I came to work a walking zombie. I went almost an entire night without sleep. Why you may ask (especially for someone who LOVES sleep…)…? Because damage had been done in a relationship. A relationship I had put 5 1/2 years of my life into. Now that’s a lot of time, I don’t care who you are. A mis-understanding, mis-communication and a lot of gossiping behind my back and what did I get, 5 1/2 years of my life down the drain…


Ok so think about it, I was only 25, one month away from my 26th birthday. That’s not real old but it’s not real young either depending on how you look at it. Now if you are a 50 year old, yeah 25 seems like a young whipper snapper, if you are 10, 25 seems old. It’s just point of view. So keep this in mind!When I graduated high school, I thought my parents were going to have to force me out of the house to go to college. I was so wishy washy on where I wanted to go and at that time I was dating a guy and he was younger so it was difficult. I wound up going an hour from home to college. Far enough away I had to live in the dorms, but close enough I could come home on weekends. That relationship dispersed and I made it through with time but had decided that “Boys Suck” so I wasn’t going to deal with them.

My parents ALWAYS supported my decision in anything I wanted to do and anywhere I wanted to go. At one time I thought I wanted to live in New York City. I grew up on a farm in rural Missouri and I thought it would be something different and fun and exciting. I eventually talked myself out of it but had I gone through with it, they’d have backed me 100%. Then further in college I thought well I’ll go be an Ag. Teacher in Texas. At that time there was a position opened in Ft. Worth, one city I love. I eventually decided against that as well. It really didn’t suit me either. So basically what you can see is I was wishy washy. I still didn’t know what I wanted to do. In fact I’m still not 100% sure… To me, those who don’t dream, they just rot away!


One Year Ago… Part X – Repost

Today is Hubby and my 5 year date-i-versary. 5 years ago today we went on our very first date. I’m reposting the story about our first date from our story I wrote out back in 2010. This was originally posted on July 5, 2010. Please be sure to check out our story if you want to know what lead up to this and what happened after!!
As per usual, when something you are excited about and looking forward to is coming up, something inevitably always goes wrong. So you must be wondering what went wrong this time… I got a silly summer cold. Yup, you read that right, I got a summer cold the week of dinner club, the week of hanging out with this long lost friend. I’m not one who usually goes to the doctor when I’m sick. I usually just let it run its course and proceed on. I’ll sometimes take over the counter meds just so I’m not completely suffering but I usually just tough it out. Not this time. I didn’t want to cancel. I didn’t want to wait for my next chance to meet up with him. He lived in Kentucky, I mean seriously, how many chances would I get or how often??

So I did what any normal girl would do, I found my old high school year books and looked up his picture. I had to remember what he looked like! Yup, check, he looks like what I remembered from way back when… oh wait, those were from way back when. Well you get the picture, right? 🙂

The day before “the big day” he was able to take a vacation day and come home a little earlier than normal. He got in around 7pm. We talked and texted the whole way (I sure hope he wasn’t texting while driving!!!). I didn’t realize he was going to be in so early so I went over to the J’s house to hang out and help Josh bake a cake. We were texting all through this. He was sending me pictures of shirts he had and pictures of him in a cowboy hat and all kinds of pictures. I think I sent him pictures of the cake I baked.

So the day came, July 25th. I woke up that morning and did the normal morning ritual of going to town with my mom. I’m not really sure we set out on a mission that day but we headed that direction non-the-less. While in town, of course I was watching the time. I had to get home, get my hair fixed, make-up on, and dressed before 4pm. That’s when we had to leave to go to dinner. I volunteered to drive because he left his convertible top down all night and wouldn’t you know, it rained.

While in town I looked at my mom and said, “We should go visit Dotti.” Dotti is the Elizabeth Arden make-up rep at Macy’s. She always loves giving me a make-over and I figured, hmmm… maybe we’d be lucky and she wouldn’t be busy. Dotti hooked me up! I had beautiful make-up! Then we ran home and my mom decided to fix my hair for me. I then got dressed and I was ready to go.

As I pulled out the driveway though, I began to have second thoughts. I was so nervous at one point I almost ran off the road. Bad Nicole, don’t drive on auto pilot. He gave me directions, drive all the way down Cedar. When the road comes to a T take a left. Go about 2 miles. When you start hitting the curves turn on the road to the left. You’ll see a triple wide on the corner, that’s my sisters. My mom’s driveway is the next one on the left. You’ll see the Big shop, make sure and turn there.

I was so nervous I was about to turn around and go home every chance I got. I so almost picked up the phone and canceled 4 times. I mean seriously, what if he didn’t like me. What if I wasn’t the girl he remembered. What if there was something wrong with me or I was too over dressed or I wasn’t dressed up enough or I think you get the picture. Once I came to the T in the road left took me closer to his house, right took me to the highway.

I sat at the stop sign for what seemed like a year and turned my left turn signal on. 2 more turns to go and I’m there. Then all the scary thoughts popped back into my head.

(on a side note, these memories are making my knees weak and shaky just like that day)


Day 773

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Day 773 – We were married for 1 Year – Hawaii 2011

Day 775 – We renewed our Wedding Vows
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTsfQFn-sRk?hl=en&fs=1]

Day 808 – We blew off studying and ran off to Eureka Springs for a day of fun like Newlyweds

Day 814 – We celebrated 10 years out of High School.

Day 831 – Hubby hit his last year in his 20’s (29)

Day 843 – Hubby got his first deer of our marriage

Day 849 – We went on the Show Boat Branson Belle.

Day 854 – I baked my first ever Turkey for Thanksgiving 2011.

Day 869 – Ft. Worth Bound Baby!

Day 873 – I found out we won a horse breeding to Smoother than a Cat

Picture courtesy of http://www.smootherthanacat.com/site.htm

Day 883 – I got my Hippopotamus for Christmas.

Day 892 – We rang in the New Year once again with a kiss.

Day 932 – We headed to Grandbury to take Squirty to meet her mate.

Day 939 – I killed my hard drive with all our photos.

Day 947 – Hubs and I had a blate.

Day 980 – Afternoon road Trips to Tulsa with hubby to meet Pioneer Woman

Day 985 – Headed to pick up Squirty.

Day 993 – Showboat Branson Belle – Again.

Day 1017 – What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.

Day 1035 – Hubby won his first Belt Buckle

Day 1070 – Big Brutus adventures

Day 1077 – Hubby experienced his first Round Robin show – I judged.

Day 1088 – Our 3 Year Dating Anniversary

Day 1093 –  I hit my last year of my 20’s (29)

Day 1107 – Our first night apart in just shy of 2 years.

Day 1110 – Spent a day and a half vacation together.

Day 1112 – I got my Drive In Date – 14 years later.

Day 1125 – We lost Squirty and our baby foal

Day 1129 – We celebrated our 2 year Wedding Anniversary