Tbug Farm Girl Style

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Not to long after I started dating my husband, I was riding down the road with Tbug and she had on boots and jeans while I was wearing tennis shoes and who knows what, knowing me jeans but I can’t guarantee that.

So we were driving down the road and she said to me, “I’m a cowgirl.” 
I said, “oh yeah?  How so?”
She said, “Because, I’m wearing my boots and jeans, that makes me a cowgirl.”
I just about cracked up laughing at her but that statement has stuck with me now for a little over 3 years.  So without further ado, Tbug – Cowgirl Style!






Jeans – Levi’s Boot Cut
Shirt – Mudd
Belt/Buckle – Nocona (similar here)
Boots – Old West
Hat – Bass Pro
glasses – Espirit

5 thoughts on “Tbug Farm Girl Style

  1. She's just as cute as can be!!!
    Too many young girls dress like.. well, like hookers to be blunt! So I think she looks darling!

  2. Cute. Though I was once sitting on the side of a hill with my dad, we had been out for a ride were just taking a break. I was lamenting the fact that I did not have the “in clothes” not asking him for them mind you I thought they were ridiculously expensive and would not buy them at my wise age of about 25!LOL anyhow I said , I don't have “X” jeans or “Y” boots, cowgirl shirts or a cowboy hat etc,that all the in girls wear to call themselves cowgirls he said , yes dear, but what you do have that they don't ,is a horse! So jeans and tennies are OK too

  3. Nice! Love it. She definitely looks like she fits right in.

    And by the way love your new header and the changes you have made, it looks great!

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