Coffee Break

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Happy Friday morning to you!  Have you had your coffee this morning?  I have, but I’m almost thinking this might be a two cup Friday!  I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning.  At work the other day we were talking and have come to the conclusion it might be the weather making us want to stay hibernating all. day. long.
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So I stole this survey from a couple people… namely Jill & Janna… hmmm… it’s the J’s 😉

1. First thing you do when you wake up in the morning
well one of two things… immediately stumble to the bathroom (tmi??) or roll over and hit the snooze and wish that I didn’t quite have to get up right then.

2. First thing you do you when you get home from work
Set down all my stuff and head to the bedroom to get out of my work clothes.  Then go to the bathroom (haha)

3. First kiss
The first kiss that matters was the kiss to my husband.  It was just before 3am on July 26th as we were standing outside his momma’s house and I was getting ready to leave.

4. First home
This is the first home hubby and I have lived in together.  Although this was a photo from before we owned it.  I can’t seem to find a current photo of it….
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5. First car
1999 Black Ford Ranger.  One of these days I’ll find a picture of it to share.

6. First car accident / traffic violation
Um… I got my license on a Friday and partially (not fully) ran a stop sign on Saturday.  I stopped, the officer just supposedly didn’t like my stop so he pulled me over.  He let me off with a verbal warning.

7. First thing you wanted to be when you grew up
It was either a Veterinarian or a Ballarina on Broadway….

8. First choice beverage
Either Water or Sweet Tea.  Depends on the day.

9.  First choice dessert
I’m not huge on desserts.  I’m more savory than sweet, but I sure do like a good um….. I’m having a hard time answering so we’ll go with the most recent good thing… a red velvet cheesecake we had at Thanksgiving (or was it Christmas)
10. First choice restaurant
Zio’s Italian Restaurant!!

11. First song that comes to mind
Hard to Love by Lee Brice
The Cricket Song by Rich O’Toole

12. First major purchase
my 2004 Ford Mustang (check it out in our house photo!)

13. First job
If Babysitting doesn’t count, then I was a waitress at Royal Oaks Steakhouse that is no longer in business.  No I didn’t put them out of business, just so we’re clear 🙂

14. First time you flew on a plane
I was in 4th grade and my dad and I were headed out to Colorado to see my mom while she was on weekend break from college.

15. First real “big girl” job
Ok so this would be the waitress at Royal Oaks Steakhouse, right?  I even had a debit card by that time… haha.  Ok so when I babysat the little girl and I went for ice cream a lot and I paid with cash because I didn’t have a debit card, just an ATM card.  I didn’t want a debit card.  So we go up to the window and she asked why I didn’t pay with my debit card and I told her I didn’t have one.  She looked at me and said, “Oh well you can get one when you get a real job.”  So the joke at my house is if you have a debit card, you have a real job 🙂

Ok, one last thing before I go… you know how dreams are crazy?  I woke up almost crying this morning because I dreamed my husband didn’t marry me and I married some other guy.  In the dream we dated for a long time but he didn’t marry me so I married another guy but we remained friends.  The other guy didn’t love me like hubby does and he wouldn’t do my taxes.  Yup, I was worried about my taxes…..

13 thoughts on “Coffee Break

  1. i wish i drank coffees on mornings like this…its like -20 without the wind chill – probably more like -40, frost bite warning advisory, its bitter cold out there! I am sitting at my desk with my heater going and keeping me warm! Makes me wanna sleep though…

  2. Just had my first piece of Red Velvet Cheesecake on New Year's Day at Cheesecake Factory – it was heaven on a plate. OMG wish I had some now!!!

    I hate those dreams – that seem real – and you actually wake up crying!! I've gotten into a ton of fights over my dreams and being mad at my man! LOL

  3. okay I might be giggling at your dream– and serioysly if a guy doesn't love you enough to do your taxes- boot him for sure 😉

  4. I so need a cup that big that can hold that much coffee, I would be such a happy lady.
    Loved reading your answers! Your house is super cute 😀 I love it!

  5. I loved all of these, but the dream was pretty funny (and sad too of course)! I hate dreams where I wake up either sad or upset and angry because of the dream. They always seem so real, and it takes a few minutes for me to settle down and realize it was just a dream. So glad you did get that man of yours! 🙂

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