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Something that has been on my mind a lot is how people make comments toward hubby and me about “young love”, “new love”, “Oh you’re newly weds”, “It must be nice to be young and in love”, “get a room”, etc.

My husband and I both tend to be very affectionate people toward each other.  A simple gesture as holding hands or making googly eyes across the room at each other, sitting on his lap (although he’ll sit on mine occasionally), things like that.  And the minute we start doing things like that people start smarting off and telling us to get a room or one of the other phrases above.

When we’re accused of young love I just want to tell them that I’m not young.  In the reality of things I am, but they’re not talking age… they’re referring to the marriage.  Our marriage is young.  We’ve been husband and wife just over 2 years with a little over a year of dating prior to that.  Our relationship is still considered new.

It seems like in a world with standards to day, it’s easy to get married and even easier to get a divorce.  I get excited when I hear of couples who have been married 10, 20, 30, 40+ years because it shows that their marriage has stood the test of time.

There are so many obstacles out there, hurtles even, that sometimes people lose sight of what is really important to them and their marriage.

I’m reminded of a story the preacher told in church one Sunday about a couple who were always holding hands, had cute little inside jokes, He’d put his arm around her in church, she’d grab his hand etc and they had been married 30+ years.  At first he felt sort of annoyed by the PDA (public display of affection), but then he came to realize that it was a gesture of love.  After all the years of hardship they had endured, the wonderful times, the family commitments, the outside commitments, after everything life had thrown at them they were still very much in love.

When we heard this story, hubby and I both giggled just a bit because this almost described us to a T, well other than the obvious we were newly weds at the time.

Yeah, you can say we have a “young love” right now, but give it a few years, I believe my husband and I will be as affectionate down the road as what we are.  And yes, I know life happens, there may come a time that we aren’t quite as cozy because of outside influences, but no one will ever question if we loved each other.

In thinking of this post for the last few days, the same song by The Judd’s keeps popping into my head… “Young Love”.  Please enjoy.  Happy Thursday


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  1. Good for you guys!
    I'm a true believer that you should love your spouse more every day, even more than you did on your wedding day. I'm still waiting and looking forward to that day. So keep up the 'young love'! Even 40 years from now! 🙂

  2. Yeah, it kind of annoys me when people talk about PDA between two married people. To me, this is what they need to see in marriages instead of the hate, bitterness, and divorce that the news likes to show us. Keep it up, guys! 🙂

  3. Great post!!!! My grandparents celebrated 50 yrs a couple weeks ago, and its so neat… especially this day and age. I heard on the radio about a couple who had celebrated 60 years!

  4. Every marriage is a secret, you just never know what makes one a success or one a trial and not so successful.

    I think folks want what they see in the movies or read in books and for some reason just think that romance/love is just going to happen. It's not – unless you decide to make it happen, in my opinion.

    Married 21 years 🙂

  5. And if you want to be and keep working at it– keeping finding new things that you love about each other then yes you can always seem like a newlywed 🙂

  6. 12 years in I still hold hands with martin when we are out, and he always gives me a kiss when he walks away even if it is just to go to the cashier at a restaurant or to the restroom

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