The Day I Lost My Cool – Coronavirus Day 35

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Oh gosh, they never tell you how hard being a parent is. Throw in a pandemic and gosh, I fail. I receive a Big. Fat. F. This is one of those tales…

First, can you look at the picture above and see what it is focusing on? Maybe… maybe not. I’ll give you a hint… look at the hair.

They tell me every little girl plays hair salon at some point in their life. Mine happened when I was in 2nd grade. The difference was I didn’t cut my own hair. My cousin cut my hair for me so I’m told. I don’t remember that.

So let’s paint the picture.

I am having Major allergies right now. Hello, my gray truck will be green from now until June. My allergies have been in overdrive. So I took a Benadryl on Thursday night to dry me up. Those usually kick my butt but help too so…

Yesterday morning I couldn’t wake up. Abug decided we were getting up before 7 am and I hadn’t slept off the Benadryl. I was struggling. So I went into the living room with her and laid down on the couch. I never totally fell back asleep, but I closed my eyes willing them to get over the Benadryl lag. Finally, about an hour or so later I felt much better. She and I then proceeded to get up and get dressed.

After we were dressed, Abug kept saying she wanted to “cut” my hair. I kept telling her we don’t cut hair. She was like, I know, but I want to cut your hair, in her definition that meant me take it out of the ponytail and she would brush it. Play hair salon.

That night Abug was sitting on Tbug’s lap and Tbug said, “Hey, mom, did you know she cut her hair.”

I flipped out… way more than I should have.

I am now removed from it a little. It is just hair. It will grow back. The problem is, I can’t take her anywhere to get it fixed because… Those aren’t essential businesses. Last night I threatened to cut it all off. I’m glad hubby stopped me honestly. Still not sure what to do… but at this point, I have decided to leave it and see what happens with the economy.

Just. Breathe.

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