She Lost Her Girlish Figure

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A few weeks ago we started noticing that Audrey was beginning to look fat and “belly down”.

Tbug & Audrey just after we got Audrey (via 2010)

Oh no, sad day, is she pregnant?  I love puppies, more than anyone, but I hate them too.  Let me explain.  They’re so cute and loving

But then I get attached and then I want to keep them all, but the reality is, I can’t.  So then I have to help find them good, loving homes.

In the past I used to try and barter with my dad, well if that one there is the last one, I’m keeping it… etc.  You all probably know the routine.

So yesterday morning, we woke up to 4 puppies in the crate with Audrey.  Darn it, she had puppies.  But aren’t they so cute?!?!

Yes, that is a bone in their crate.  I guess Audrey or Marlie took it in with them from outside…

Doesn’t Audrey look happy…. NOT!

But I think Marlie must have been a very good Midwife because she was bouncing around outside on my way to work like, Mom hey mom, did you see?  How are they?

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19 thoughts on “She Lost Her Girlish Figure

  1. Oh my gosh! I want a puppy! I'd even make a road trip out of it if I can talk my hubby into one! Are you going to keep/sell/give away?

  2. Ohhhhhhh… I needed pictures of cute puppies today, thank you!! I know it's kind of a hassle for you, but enjoy the cuteness and the newness now, worry about the rest later. 😉 It makes me want one!!!

  3. Haha, so I just started skimming the post and I saw the pic of T-Bug so I thought it was about her. Then I kind of did a mini freak out, and then realized you were talking about the dog! haha oh my guess I'm not awake yet. SO who did Audrey have the puppies with?

  4. OOOOOH I love puppies– and what I love more is Puppy Breath– and their sweet and soft fur– oh, I want one…
    we went to trade days in McKinney this weekend and saw a cute pup, but my hubs is a tad picky so we're on the hunt for the Perfect Dog– meaning a Great Dane or Bull Mastiff.

  5. Aww how sweet!! I love puppies too but they are a lot of work!! New puppies are so fun!! I say keep them lol 😉 I'm thinking of sneaking another pup in my house lol!

    All my love <3

  6. Ha Ha- I must admit, I first thought this post was going to be about TBug too and I though “WOW, Not nice”! Glad I kept reading!!!

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