The Thursday Random’s

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1.  Boy doesn’t that kind of sound like a newspaper title?

2.  So my car rolled over 10,000 miles yesterday morning as I was pulling in to work.  It kind of made me sad, I’m not gonna lie!

3.  So I have been saying for years I wanted to make a turkey.  At my house we only eat turkey’s on Thanksgiving, well that type of turkey anyway.  This year, I’ll actually get to take my stab at making a turkey.  We aren’t going to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving which is very sad how that all came to play, but it is what it is and we can’t dwell on things.  Last year I watched PW’s throwdown against Bobby Flay {where she won… heck yeah} and decided then that if I ever got to make a turkey, it would be hers.  So that’s the plans.  Well her turkey has to be brined.  Um… you need a big pan or pot for that, so hubby gave me one of my Christmas presents early.  Isn’t she a beaut?

4.  One other thing you need to be able to make a turkey…. a roaster.  Yeah out of all the kitchen things I have, that was one thing I didn’t have so one weekend we went out shopping.  At Kohl’s they had a roaster that didn’t have a lid, it was the Food Network line, I think like $69.99 on sale for either $39.99 or $49.99, I really can’t remember.  Well where our Kohl’s is located, it’s near Target & Bed Bath and Beyond so we figured we’d make the trek up to those 2 places to see what we could find.  We wound up getting our roaster with a lid from BBaB for $29.99.  If we wanted one without a lid, they had a deal going on where you could get one for $9.99 but hubby wanted the lid.  I don’t know much about roasters so I went with his decision.

5.  Friday night after we picked up Tbug from cheerleading, we met my parents at a local pizza place.  The table beside us ordered this pizza.  Yes it is sitting on a table that can seat up to 4 people (but really comfortably only 2)

6.  I ran across this recipe this morning…

Does it not look so super yummy?
Can I tell you a secret?  I would have a really hard time eating it… why?  Well my grandmother is an awesome cook!  One day she made homemade Focaccia bread and sent some home for me.  Let me tell you, this was awesome, until I hit a piece that was very chewy.  I chewed and chewed and chewed… eventually I figured out, she accidentally baked a rubber band into the bread and that’s what I was chewing on.  I NEVER told her about that, but I have a hard time eating that type of bread to this day, although I will from time to time.  I might just have to give this a shot though!

7.  One of these days I’ll have to tell you about this bed: {no it isn’t my bed…}

8.  I got this joke out of a business magazine, but I don’t remember which one.  Thought it was cute and funny.

9.  AND then I saw this joke on facebook last night and cracked up laughing.  You know since Deer season starts this weekend I just had to share.

10.  I went to a baby shower over the weekend and I’ve heard of diaper cakes, but this was a diaper bike.

11.  I got my Root Word {Greek & Latin} test back from last week, you know the one I hardly studied for and I got a 67 out of 66.  Yes I got 1 more point than was possible, you didn’t read that incorrectly.  I obviously missed a couple, because we get a few (not many) bonus points for not missing a class between tests.  Then I took a test last night over chapter 5… ugh!  Now we get to start on bones… Not Fun!!!

12.  Does that thought make you want to break out the song, the knee bone’s connected to the leg bone….

13.  If it didn’t, I bet it does now…. 🙂

14.  Or how about Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes.  While I was in Costa Rica, the kindergarten class taught us how to say that all in Spanish! 🙂

15. I found this quote here.

“If it is possible I will do it .If it is impossible, it will take me a little longer.”
I dunno, it felt appropriate to add in here….

16.  How about another funny just for good measure:

you’ll probably want to click on it to make it readable!

17.  Anyway boys and girls, mainly girls I’m sure, that’s all I’ve got for this edition of random Thursday.

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