Horse ‘n Around on Halloween

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After we went to the Trunk or Treat at the hospital, Abug and I met up with hubby and Jared and went down to our campground where we ride horses. They were having a Halloween shindig called Horse ‘n Around on Halloween (I think that’s what it was called anyway… lol). There was also a Costume contest and a Chili Feed. Jody brought JP down with her and we dressed the girls up, but we didn’t get any pictures of them in the costume parade. We then took them back, dressed them back in regular clothing and went for the Chili Feed.

Normally I don’t like chili but they made some without beans so I tried it. I must say, it was good. Part of the reason I “don’t like chili” is I ate a lot of it as a kid. I kind of burned out on it. That and we made it so spicy that one bite and your lips were ON FIRE. This was mild and really hit the spot!

Abug mainly ate cheese. The kid is in to cheese these days. She ate a few chips and a couple bites of chili. One of the people there snapped this picture of her and I thought it was adorable.

After we ate dinner, there was a bit of time between dinner and the haunted spook ride, so we just milled around. The girls wanted to go trick or treating but we didn’t want to dress them back up so we told them they were going as cowgirls and they went around and collected candy. Then it was finally time for the haunted spook ride. Jared and hubby were in charge of driving so they hooked Karen’s truck up to the flatbed. The girls rode in the cab with the the guys and Jody and I rode in the bed of the truck.

After the haunted spook ride, we played around the campground area and just relaxed and conversed. We still had some of the big glow stick lights so we got JP and Abug each one and they played with those (and each other :))

At the Ride for Life hubby bought a guitar that was left in Jared and Karen’s camper so he pulled that out and started playing. Abug was fascinated by the guitar. She has a toy Minnie Mouse one here at the house, but I think I see guitar lessons in her future?

The next morning we got up and Jared and hubby started cooking breakfast. Eggs, Bacon, Hashbrowns. Deb accidentally forgot coffee so everyone was scrounging. Finally Deb messed with the old Keurig to make a cup or two. Then Tracy came by and said she had coffee so she went and got it and all was right with the world.

Grady’s horse came up a little lame so instead of staying around the campground he decided to take his camper back home so before we went on a ride, Deb cleaned up the camper. I heard the vacuum running, walked over and stuck my head in the door to find Abug vacuuming for her. This kid loves to clean/vacuum. btw, she didn’t get that from me, I hate to vacuum….

Then it was time to saddle up horses and go ride, ride, ride. There was no rush, no time frame, no real destination or route. The only thing was Abug didn’t think we were saddling horses fast enough.

Jared took us on what he thought was an easy trail. Kansas I’m pretty sure has never ridden trails so hubby was having a little trouble (not much) with him. Then there was a HUGE log across the trail. I’m on a short horse and the last time I went over a log that big I wound up with my foot on the ground and my leg pinned between the horse and a tree so I had a freak out moment. I got off, we had Barbie jump the log, then once we got to the cave, we relaxed for a few minutes. I grew up on the back of a horse, but it wasn’t trail riding, it was in a show ring showing cutting horses… trail riding isn’t my strong suit :).

So with the leaves changing because of fall, it’s BEAUTIFUL!

Normally Abug gets great naps while riding horses and sitting through Chiefs games… but this time while she looks like she might be asleep, she never actually fell asleep. Btw, if you can’t tell, she kinda likes her Jared :).

We finally got back to camp and the guys and Deb started making lunch. I apparently became lazy and sat and watched and snapped pictures and kid wrangled the Abug :). We had our own version of Patty Melts. We invited Chuck and Harriett over to eat with us. Then we loaded up horses and headed for home.

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