Horse Show Day!!

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I sometimes think that people who show horses or ride horses or live on a farm even need their head examined when it comes to winter time. I guess part of that is because I’m not a cold weather person. I think I want snow on Christmas and that’s it, although then the poor snow plow road crews don’t get to be home with their families.

I bring up the cold because dang, it was COLD at this show. Holy cow! Friday was a high of 16 and Saturday was a high of 32. Yuck! And we had a 2 day horse show. Friday & Saturday. I didn’t actually show sadly, some day I’ll get to show again…

So one of the funnies from the day was, ok a little back story… the horse trainers usually have other people getting their horses ready for them because they’re out in the ring helping other people who are showing. Now that you know that we can go back to the story…. Tommy, a horse trainer, was called to show. It was funny because he couldn’t find Mark, the guy warming his horse up, anywhere to get his horse so he could go show. Mark went to one side of the pen, but when Tommy went to the other, Mark ran to the other. It was just comical.

Otherwise the big thing to mention was it was COLD!!

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