Happy First Day of Spring

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… yesterday!!…

So what did you do on your first day of spring?

This is what I woke up to…. Well technically it was a text telling us baby on the ground so hubby and I started annoying my dad for pictures 🙂

We weren’t able to go over right away. There are two weekends a year hubby has to work, and this was one of them. We decided to go to church (8:15-9:15) and then he was scheduled to work at 10.

My job was to study for comps that are coming up this week. OY! But I wanted God on my side when I go to take them so we went to church! Then it was study study study (contrary to popular belief, I studied. I kind of don’t like the southern American Writers… or really the writers in general on this comps list are a little freaky! And while I don’t like them, they are intriguing…)

Hubby had to work Saturday night as well so Abug stayed with mom and dad while he worked and you guessed it, I studied. I’m tired of studying but it isn’t over yet…. Wish me luck, PLEASE!

So anyway late afternoon we went to mom and dad’s so we could see the baby and collect our rugrat. And that was my first day of spring… and the last day of spring break (sadly I studied all spring break so I didn’t get to much enjoy my last spring break…)

Wish me luck on comps!!

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