Costa Rica Baby!

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I’ve been scanning in photos lately.  One thing I’ve noticed is that the scanner doesn’t quite give the same quality of photo as if I had say WalMart photo lab (or someplace like that) put them on a disk from film for me, but it’s way cheaper :).  One thing that’s so great about digital photos is if you don’t like it, HIT THE DELETE KEY and no one ever sees it 🙂

So I have a whole bunch of photos from Costa Rica that I really should find all the film and have them put on disks.  I went to Costa Rica 10 years ago this May.  How crazy is that.  I scanned in some of my scrapbook pages that I had to make for my grade.

Have you ever fed an Iguana?  They apparently eat Bananas….

I also went White Water Rafting….

Here we {I mean I am} are at a volcano… I have a small scar on the back of my leg from sliding down this thing on my butt.  Yes I’ve always been graceful.

Did you notice my braided hair.  Wanna know a secret… I have a lot of hair.  I had 2 ladies working on those braids and it took them 3 1/2 hours to put them in.  I guess I got bored because I counted the number of braids, 96 braids on my head.  Then when I came home (I think on a Friday) the following day I had a horse show and obviously my braided hair wouldn’t fit in my hat so my mom spent 1 1/2 hours taking the braids back out of my hair.  Somewhere I even have a picture of the kinky curly hair I had from that ordeal.  Yeah I won’t share it though 🙂

Ok I’ll quite, I just thought I’d share a bit since I was reminiscing.  Happy Friday!!  I had Eggs & Bacon for breakfast so I’m happy 🙂 haha

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  1. Ten years ago–you such a sweet, young thing. That seems forever ago to me now. (I was old even then ;o) I've heard Costa Rica is wonderful. I'll bet you were warmer there. Yeah, for bacon? Or so the grand twins say…

  2. I went to Costa Rica when I was 15 for a science trip. We went white water rafting and I fell out of the boat. Everyone was frantically trying to get me out of the water. When we got to the ed of the trip, I found out a 16 foot Anaconda was chasing me down the river! I loved the beauty and the food in Costa Rica, but I was not a big fan of all the creepy crawlies! You are the only other person I know that has been there, how cool!

  3. Hehe your braided hair made me think of Monica on friends when they went to…can't even remember now, and got the braids done to control her hair. hahaha. Only her hair looked kind of stupid. On you…cute. Too bad the hat wouldn't fit over it.

    ANd yes, digital age makes for great picture taking and bad. 😛

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