Baby girl

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I’m not a mommy blogger… although someone called me that once. And after today’s post you might try to term me that again, but this is a way/place for me to remember. I don’t want to forget.  And truthfully the stuff in here really should have video’s because I’m not sure words will do this justice, but again, I want to remember this time in baby girl’s life. As life goes on I’m afraid I’ll forget.

++Every morning we wake up and she smiles at me. Sure there are a few days she wakes up crying for whatever reason, but for the most part, she wakes up, looks at me and just grins.

 ++She absolutely loves to sit on my lap. If I’m sitting on the bed, I have to sit Indian style (you know, criss cross apple sauce, I’ve heard it both ways) and she plops her bottom down in the hole and her legs go up and over my calves/ankles. That is her favorite way to sit on my lap.

++Driving down the road in hubby’s truck she’s constantly yelling. I’m not sure if the acoustics are different or what…

++In my car she chatters. In fact today she was chattering away with the song on the radio and I swear she was just singing with the radio.

++If I sit on the floor with her, some days she’ll play with herself/toys and other days she HAS to sit on my lap. And again I sit Indian style and for her to sit down on my lap (without me helping her) she has to completely climb up on my legs, turn around and then she seats herself.

++We got her this stacking star thing. You place a big star, smaller and smaller until they’re all stacked up and then you top it with a lion head. As you add the rings it makes noise and when the lion head is placed on top it plays a song. She’s constantly taking the rings off and as she gets one off I put one back on. She gets annoyed with me I think and I just laugh. We play this game for hours upon end… until she hides the stars from me.

++She is fascinated by my books.

++She is fearless. She thinks she can walk without help. She can’t… but initially she’ll wrap both hands around both of your index fingers. You start walking and she lets go with one hand and you have to grab her other hand because she tries to let go with it too. Now normally maybe I should… but she usually does it when she’s on concrete. I don’t want her falling, hitting her head and scaring her.

That is all I can think of at this point in time, but again, I don’t want to forget these little moments. They won’t always be like this.

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