Day in the Life of – Work Day (Baby girl style)

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6am – So mornings start early at our house sometimes. We needed a bottle, then we went back to sleep for around an hour.

7am – We got up, got dressed and then it was time to head for work just before 8.

8am – We had to stop on our way to work and get a drink and breakfast. Yum!

9am – Just after we got to work and settled in it poured. They said the chance of rain was 20% and it poured.

10am – While we eat cheerios and whatever else all morning long (usually not enough, we’re getting really good at throwing them on the floor), we needed to take a break for a bottle.

12pm – We had Cheddars for lunch. Again, YUM! – No pictures sadly!

1-2pm – We wheeled around work, shopping, playing with the dogs, and wearing the tires off the walker.

3pm – Then it was finally time for a nap.

5pm – After work we went to the church and ate Mexican food at Pa’s Kitchen. Then it was off to Sam’s to do some “light” shopping.

6pm – Grandma loves straws so we thought it would be fun to send her this picture and let her believe we bought them for her. The last ones we bought her was 400/pkg.

7pm – Shopping is hard work. It called for a nap while daddy and mommy were checking out.

8pm – One of the things we were on the hunt for was a life jacket for me for the lake. We lucked out.

9pm – We finally got home and it was time for the 4B’s. Bath, bottle, burp, bed.

Thanks for joining me on my workday. Come back again and check out my “off” day.

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