School Daze

We may have been dangling school in front of Abug to try and get her potty trained. She’s talked about wanting to go to school for as long as I can remember it seems. Then one of the local schools around offered summer classes for students of all ages. They had a 2 1/2-3 1/2 year old class that is one day per week for an hour for $10. It was first come 1st serve. We actually got her signed up. She’s been back and forth on being happy and being scared. Luckily parents stay with their kids that whole time so it’s a great way to break her in to a classroom type setting.

About a week before we went she had a breakdown one night at bedtime saying she DIDN’T WANT to go to school EVER. I’m talking this was almost an hour breakdown about going to school. It was sad but funny at the same time. I guess I’ve always been kind of a nerd and kind of liked school (quietly). I was excited to be able to give her this experience.

Last Thursday was her first session. That morning I couldn’t get her to get out of bed. She threw a fit and cried and everything else. I was able to get her out of bed by brushing my teeth. She immediately jumped out of bed and said, “I have to brush my teefps (teeth).” The kid loves to brush her teeth… no joke. Otherwise, that blanket, that’s where she was hiding.


Take Two

Holy Cow! I just walked in from outside and it’s freezing cold out there. Okay maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration because I just looked at and it said that it is 40, but that doesn’t factor in that wind and that’s what is excessively cold this morning. Okay, so it’s 40˚ this morning, yet yesterday it was 70˚. Yes we had the wind but the weather was gorgeous. I was walking around in a t-shirt and comfortable. Today I have on a long sleeved t-shirt and my jacket and I’m still frickin cold! brrrr! I guess only in MO can (or maybe I should say the midwest?) you go from 70˚ one day to a freeze warning and a high of 50˚ the next and 60˚ or so the following. Yes Mother nature we get it, you’re still in control!

Speaking of yesterday, by last night I was spent. Today marks my second attempt at Comps (plus I have to take a different set on Monday night…. ugh!) I’ve been studying hard, maybe not hard enough, we’ll see, but I have been studying hard and last night I was just spent. I wanted to do something… anything. I didn’t know what though. We finally went and wandered around Target because I just needed to walk I guess. We wound up down the hair coloring aisle and I decided to dye my hair pink, what do you think?

Oh wait, that’s right… I only threatened… I didn’t do it :). haha… sike! or not but whatever, it’s my blog post today :). I also seriously debated dying my hair bright blonde. I have no idea why and I didn’t do it, but I did threaten.

I drove the truck today. Why you might ask? Well… because I feel like a badass driving a truck. Seriously. I’ve always been a truck girl. In fact, my first vehicle was a truck.

It was a little truck but it was a truck no less. Boy the day we saw this at the dealership we were in my dad’s 1998 F150 that I kept trying to talk him in to letting me have but he wouldn’t budge. That was back when with the extended cab you had the jump door. And it just had the 1, not both so to get to the drivers side back seat you had to go through the passenger side jump door. Anyway we were driving through the Ford dealership in Springfield the day after my birthday and we saw this little gem. I about jumped over the top of my mom and her seat trying to get out of dad’s truck to get out and see this truck. Then, I really thought we were going to lose out on buying it over $50. My mom could see me squirming in my seat and she knew I was ready to volunteer to pay the $50. Finally the dealership agreed with my dad and bam, the truck was mine. I’ve never kept such a poker face in all my life. So stressful as a 16 year old.

No, I don’t drive a truck right now, unless I’m driving someone else’s truck. I have my car. I like my car but it isn’t a truck. Oh the pretty purr of a diesel engine or the nice hum of flowmaster’s. Pure pleasure :). haha. Although have you heard the new diesel’s now? They are almost as quiet as a gas engine and unless you’re paying attention you might miss them. Sad but true statement.

Earlier this week I was joking with hubby that since I had to take comps tonight, can I drive his truck for inspiration. He said, “OK.” I laughed and told him I was joking because I was… mostly. Then I guess when I got in the shower last night, he moved vehicles around and when I went to leave this morning he left me with the truck.

I got a sweet text from my dad too. Everyone believes in me, I just hope I don’t let them down. That’s my worst fear! Letting people down. Adds a little stress. But I got in the truck this morning and started driving down the road. I don’t know, I think Joe Diffy was on to something when he said, “There’s something women like about a pickup man.” Although, I’m not a man… so maybe that doesn’t totally count in this instance, but it’s close enough!

Okay so speaking of the truck. Oh I shouldn’t tell this on myself but I can’t help it… It is too funny. Yesterday we were driving it and a bird flew past us. Neither of us saw the bird go anywhere else so hubby wondered if it got stuck in the grill. Hey weirder things have happened. So when we stopped, I got out and went up to the front to look. No bird and there was no grill guard. I about freaked out wondering where and when we dropped the grill guard and how did we not know that. Then I had a moment of clarity and realized that oh… it isn’t our truck that has the grill guard, it’s my dad’s truck. Duh duh duh.

Comps has me where I’m just frazzled. I’m ready for some mental clarity! The night before we had been working on Jared and Karen’s camper. When we were done I went to my parents and picked up the bug and then went home. At home I hopped in the shower. We have a speaker in our shower that hooks up to your phone via bluetooth. Hubby had his phone hooked up with a song for me to hear. So when I got out of the shower I went to turn the speaker off and instead hit the call button. Well that either answers a call if the phone is ringing while you’re in a shower or calls the last person you talked to. The last person hubby called was Jared so I tried to call Jared from the shower. I about died laughing.

That is how life has been for me lately… and this weekend is Easter, but I won’t get to enjoy that much because I’ll be studying for my next round of comps on Monday night. Who decided Easter weekend would be a good weekend to put comps after. Geez…. anyway wish me luck please! And if all else fails, know that I feel like a badass driving a pick-up truck!

Over and out!

Last Week of Classes

How on EARTH is this the last week of classes? Dang, I feel like we just came off Spring break. Which in a way we did… This semester was a bit of a weird one. I only had 2 night classes and an internship a week. For my internship I had to put in 120 hours plus write 4 blog posts for the school site. I’ve been a blog writing fool this semester!

Anyway Monday night was the last Monday night of the semester (other than next week which is Finals week and I don’t have to come over on Monday anyway).

We have a final portfolio due next Monday night that is worth 75% of our grade. No pressure or anything!

We did a workshop on our Preface and then when we had an hour left of class Dr. Greene said we could all go to the bar and the first round would be on him. I’m not sure why but everyone looked at me. I’m one of 2 people who have the longest drive home… but whatever I was game. Although I really don’t drink and don’t know Pittsburg all that well. I definitely don’t know where the bars are.

So we got directions and headed off to Lelands. We were told if you hear the Polka music you’re in the right place. I’m sorry, what? Polka music? Apparently Pittsburg city ordinances changed in downtown for music or something. So some guy bought the building next door to the bar because he was annoyed with the new city ordinances so he blares Polka music all night every night. Only reason he bought the bar. I smarted off I wish I had the money to buy a building just to play music like that… although I’d do something more worth my while than blare Polka music.

Being the fact I’m not a big drinker, I only like beer for beer bread and I had to drive an hour home, I opted out for a coke. One other girl did too so I didn’t feel to bad/guilty. But I went to the bar so I was a team player, right? I just don’t drink really, especially not beer. I cook with beer.

Last night was the last night of Medieval British Literature. That’s quite the interesting class that’s for sure! We were discussing Le Morte D’arthur. So it’s basically like the first novel without being an actual novel… yeah go figure. And why they put the Used sticker on the title of the book who the heck knows.

Today is my last day for required internship hours. I need 2 1/2… I wonder if I’ll get those? (I’m being sarcastic… where’s the sarcastic font when you need it?!?!) But you know… my internship was based off the fact I already did this stuff so why not get college credit for it. Score! At the beginning of the year I set a goal of 52 blog posts, one per week about divers who dive with us. So far we’re week 17 divers in which puts me well on my way to making my goal. I also have diver interviews waiting to be published so I might just make my goal. Wish me luck!

Once today is over I have a blog post for the school, a paper (rough draft and final draft), a final, and a portfolio to turn in and I’m done for the semester. Then it’s crack down time on reading 50 books for Comps next fall. Please hold me accountable on my reading this summer, PLEASE!

Sometimes things happen for a reason

Sometimes life throws you curve balls, I’m sure we’ve all experienced at least one! Well mine gave me the opportunity to go back to school Fall 2013. It’s been quite the road trip and I swear I walk away feeling like the problem child more often than not.

  • I don’t have a degree in English yet I’m pursing my Master’s in English – Technical and Professional writing. 
  • I had to take extra classes that my first degree didn’t require so I didn’t have a full Master’s load of classes last spring. Why does that make me the problem child you ask? Well at the semester in which you’ll complete 27 hours you take your first round of Comps. Yeah so… at the end of this semester I’ll be at 24 hours so I don’t take comps this spring, so either I have to take a summer class and comps or wait and take them in the fall when I’ll basically be done with classes at the end… or technically I’ll need one class the following spring. See the conundrum?
  • The degree program I’m going after they did away with. There’s one gal who is ahead of me in classes and then there’s me. We’re the last two pursuing this degree, but she’s ahead of me when the class was offered so they know what to do with her, they sometimes scratch their head with me.
  • Literature isn’t where my heart is so it’s extremely painful sometimes reading poems like Beowulf and The Rape of the Lock. I like to read but I’m more of a contemporary reader. I want to read something about Photography or a good romance novel or a Stephanie Plum novel or even just some fast read that is a current seller.

And the list goes on and on. But I don’t want to give up. I’m pursuing my degree hot and heavy. I’m scared a lot. I feel out of my league a lot. I want to cry sometimes. But it’s all good. It’s making me grow, right? please someone comfort me and tell me that this is making me grow :).

I’m a member of a Women’s organization, PEO and every day (most every day anyway) I get an email from our president with words of well wishing or quotes. Today’s quote really applies to me and made me smile:

While driving along the road to success resist the urge to exit simply because you see a really great parking space!

Exactly, just keep plugging away! Be the little tug boat or the engine that could!

School makes you think…

I come to you almost with what feels like a heavy heart. I’m struggling after class tonight. Recently we’ve been discussing different theories on how to analyze literature. The first week we covered New Criticism. I didn’t care for that although it was interesting, especially after we put it to use and actually saw how it works.

The next theory we discussed was Psychoanalytical theory. This is pretty crazy. It focuses on the writer and what they were going through basically. It was interesting as well.

So tonight we started Reader-Response Criticism. But at the end of the hour we revisited Psychoanalytical Theory.

When we did Dr. Carlson talked about a study that she read. The study basically said that people aren’t forming intimate relationships anymore or we’re getting away from it more and more. And no I’m not talking intimate as in sex, just being able to sit in a room and actually talk with each other. The study I guess said something about put 2 people of the youth generation in a room together and they can’t speak to each other, but they can text to each other.

They don’t like that lack of control. In texting you can turn it off or decide not to answer someone when they talk to you. Then we decided that our class, the oldest is probably 40, then a 35 and everyone else is probably 30 or younger (just guessing although I’m 31, I didn’t say that…) but we kind were the first group to grow up texting and the youth generation don’t know any different.

That makes me sad. I like to sit down and talk to people but I’ve noticed and I’m guilty of it too, but I’ve noticed that when I’m talking to people, if they get a text they’ll read/answer it while I’m trying to talk to them. It drives me nuts. And like I said, I’m guilty of it too so I’m not bad mouthing anyone because if I was I’d be either a) bad mouthing myself or b) being a hypocrite. Maybe I’m both… who knows.

Then we were talking about how the youth won’t form those intimate relationships. Also we discussed that when little kids come up and try to get your attention, parents have a tendency to stay glued to their phone and tell the kid in a minute or go away or whatever. And that shuts kids down after a while if that always happens to them. They think why put out the effort, it’s not going to get me anywhere anyway.

Now Dr. Carlson did clarify that her generation was just as bad just by different means. Then we picked on her because of something she said earlier in the evening. (she said put cocaine in their neck… we have no idea what that means and neither did she. She laughed…)

And… then we got off on talking about how people aren’t afraid to say something behind a computer screen that they may not actually have the guts to say to your face. Sometimes people say things and you can’t really tell the tone behind their message.

When you’re analyzing text, literary texts generally have a lot of details that help paint a picture and usually you can decide eventually if someone is being heart felt or snarky… but on facebook and in text messages you don’t always get that context of what they are saying. I know that’s caused a lot of hurt feelings and fights in my life because my message is missing those details on how I really feel.

Then I found out that if people text and use punctuation that is basically like them yelling at you. Wait, what? I like punctuation. I like words spelled correctly versus the n for in or and I’d prefer to spell out and or use the &. But that’s just me.

Anyway it’s 11:30 and I really should go to bed because baby girl will have me up at some random ridiculous hour but like I said, school makes you think.

William Faulkner – New Albany, MS

Restaurants in Oxford:

Our last morning we were in Oxford, we got up and ate breakfast and spoke with a very nice gentleman from Tulsa, OK. Wind up 7 hours from home and run across a man that lives 2 hours from home. Sweet! Then we all loaded up and headed to New Albany, MS where Faulkner was born.

This was called Railroad street or something like that. You knew you were on the right track (pun intended) because you were on the track. As you can see it ended at the new tracks that are still in use.

Just down the road from the museum we were headed to is the site where Faulkner’s house used to stand. So we made sure to get a picture of our group with the sign, because why not!


Uh Oh! What's She Thinking?!?!

If you were in my brain today you’d see a lot of jumbly goop, which includes but not limited to:

++Something is poking me in the butt but I don’t know what. ha! It’s probably a tag. I’m not sure I like clothing tags. They tell you the size of what you’re wearing and they apparently poke you in the derrière (pronounced dairy air).

++I could soooooo use a nap!

++The weather is turning off nasty this weekend. I’m kind of torn, at least I don’t really have anywhere to go I don’t think but why does it do it on the weekend when we’re supposed to be free and clear of things?

++My feet are really cold. I’m tired of having cold feet. Does this mean my circulation is bad? I swear I almost think I want to invest in a pair of house slippers for school!

++I’m thirsty… where did that water go anyway? Oh dang it, I drank it all… I know I have another one!

++Don’t worry, found the water! Whew!

++There is a quote in the library that says

“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.”

I don’t know who said the quote, I can’t see that part… but interesting quote, right? I dunno… seems a bit weird to have in the library to me. Especially in huge letters plastered on the wall.

++I ate cold pizza for lunch… am I growing up because YUCK! I used to LOVE cold pizza. Now I think it’s disgusting. Is that Peanuts fault?

++I had an awful, horrible, terrible, no good, very bad test today. It was awful! There were supposed to be 3 parts but the teacher only made us do 2 because no one could get done with the first 2 to even attempt the 3rd. I finished the 2nd right as the hour and 15 minute class was up. Yuck! It was awful.

++I just shoved my chair back and about fell on my butt. That would have been fun, right?

++So my SIL put up on facebook the other day to put the name of songs you were listening to and end with “in my pants.” Made for a fun and interesting game…. It reminds me of saying “in bed” after you read your fortune cookies.

++Have I mentioned I’m really tired? My class starts in 20 minutes and lasts for an hour and 15 minutes. I sure hope I don’t fall asleep in class. No guarantees but I haven’t fallen asleep in a class since high school when it was some govt class and I sat behind a really tall basketball player and we watched CNN for 15 minutes every day. You couldn’t see me anyway through the bball player. Where is he today when I need a nap?!?!

++I guess I should stop while I’m ahead and pack up my stuff and go to class. I’d like to go to sleep though!

**Disclaimer: All written Thursday afternoon**

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Snow Day

Starting last week they were claiming snow. No one knew exactly when it was supposed to hit so I heard we were in for snow all week. In fact the preacher’s wife does snow dances with their dog. I said that was all well and good as long as it canceled my university classes too because I didn’t want to have to drive through this crap to get to school :).

As this week slowly creeped in I started watching the weather.  Monday’s prediction said that we were in the vicinity of 2-4 inches, the guy on the radio said 1-3 and somewhere else I heard 3-6.  See no one really knows…

The talk all over facebook had different meteorologist predictions…

Even those predictions couldn’t agree.  Like I said, no one knew/knows.

Jump forward to Tuesday morning. My step-daughter’s school calls our phone for lots of reasons. At 5:35am we got a phone call from her school, well they were closed. I drifted back off to sleep though because it was way before I needed to be up. Sometime in the early 6am hour my mom sent a text that she saw the university canceled and she had to let me know. I guess I slept through the text but hubby didn’t so he got up and responded to her.

Wait, what, I didn’t have to go to school today? I woke up long enough for hubby to tell me that news. I asked what the weather looked like outside and he said it was bone dry. Wait, what? Hubby told me to go back to sleep and enjoy the chance to sleep in. Normally I can’t, but I’ve been fighting a cold so I got up, hopped in the shower, took a nice warm shower and went back to sleep. Around 9:30 hubby started texting me because I hadn’t responded to any texts previously and I was like, I did what you told me, I went back to sleep :).

He wanted to know what the weather looked like so I snapped a quick photo and sent it to him.  At that point it had just started snowing and we had a light dusting.

Around noon time he called me. His work is really great about bad weather, they allow you to work from home so he was sent home at lunch to finish out the day at home. This is what it looked like at noonish time.

By around 5pm it had quit snowing and this is what we were left with. It is extremely cold outside, that is what I can tell you :).

Oh and I can tell you I had a snow day, from the comfort of my recliner :). I had to start reading As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner. Now who wants to volunteer to take my cold? I’m really sick of it. Get it… lol 🙂

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Pondering Question of the Day

There are days when I wake up and I wonder if I’ve lost my mind.  This week feels like a repeat of those days.  Kind of like Ground Hog Day except for me and well it’s obviously only January 14 instead of February 2nd.  Just pointing out the obvious.

Why do I feel like I’ve lost my mind?  Well some say I have pregnancy brain which is very possible.  I think some days I just forget a lot of things.  It could be in part to here lately I can’t sleep much past 4 or 5am.  Yikes, what’s happening to me?  I’m not a morning person!  But really where I’m going with this is a new semester has begun.  I’m not going to lie, right now I’m so overwhelmed as it seems I was at this point last semester!

This semester I have a class based solely on Faulkner.  I don’t know who he is other than he’s an author.  I did go google him the other day so I’d have at least some what of an understanding on who this class was about.  He kind of has a shady past from what I read but that probably has nothing to do with the actual class and his writings… or maybe it does?  I have a class on Technical/Professional Editing which is actually the emphasis of my Master’s Degree.  Then I still have a “deficiency” class I’m picking up, British Literature II.

Today is the second day of the semester so obviously the professors are going over what is to be expected of the class, etc.  That’s always sooooooo overwhelming.

In my Tech Writing class today I learned that if you want the highest paying technical job, get a job working for a Pharmaceutical company. You may sell your sole to them, but you’ll make dang good money!  I learned that the 2013 word of the year was Because.  Not that it was a new word or anything but just the way you can use it changes it and it has made it the word of the year.  It had to contend with Slash (we couldn’t decide if people said this or wrote this or just did the /… the article didn’t say), Selfie, Twerk, and Obamacare.  Interesting!

I learned that a bitcoin is a currency used for the internet and a lot of people are investing in this because they think it will be safer than using your own accounts and that people think it will actually become its own currency.

And I got homework.  I’ve done one chapter of the homework reading, now just need to read chapter 2 and do both homework assignments.  The first will be easy, I’m not sure what the second consists of just yet.  Heck I haven’t read the second chapter yet…

Now I’m sitting here thinking about this Faulkner class and almost freaking out.  I am a bit worried.  I had this professor last semester.  His class freaked me out but I was happy, oh so happy with my grade I got in his class.  I earned that grade.  I’ve always kind of liked the teachers that expect a lot of you even though they are quite intimidating!

Now come the middle of the semester, let’s do a post like this again and see if I’m still in the same place or if I’m sunk how many leagues under the sea is it the saying says or if I’m floating on cloud nine because it’s not quite as bad as it seems right now.

And that boys and girls is all she wrote today! 🙂

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