School Daze

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We may have been dangling school in front of Abug to try and get her potty trained. She’s talked about wanting to go to school for as long as I can remember it seems. Then one of the local schools around offered summer classes for students of all ages. They had a 2 1/2-3 1/2 year old class that is one day per week for an hour for $10. It was first come 1st serve. We actually got her signed up. She’s been back and forth on being happy and being scared. Luckily parents stay with their kids that whole time so it’s a great way to break her in to a classroom type setting.

About a week before we went she had a breakdown one night at bedtime saying she DIDN’T WANT to go to school EVER. I’m talking this was almost an hour breakdown about going to school. It was sad but funny at the same time. I guess I’ve always been kind of a nerd and kind of liked school (quietly). I was excited to be able to give her this experience.

Last Thursday was her first session. That morning I couldn’t get her to get out of bed. She threw a fit and cried and everything else. I was able to get her out of bed by brushing my teeth. She immediately jumped out of bed and said, “I have to brush my teefps (teeth).” The kid loves to brush her teeth… no joke. Otherwise, that blanket, that’s where she was hiding.

I’m probably the only parent who did the 1st day of school picture but I don’t care. Not one bit. I wasn’t about to forget to take one!

So the day started out by entering the library and reading a book of our choice. We red about something that wanted a dog. I can’t remember what wanted the dog though. In the end they wanted a hippo. Then we moved down to a group half circle and counted to 10, reviewed shapes, and sang. Next we moved to the art room where there were four stations.

  • One allowed you to drive cars on a road that was in the shape of numbers while parents read how to navigate the road.
  • One was a counting station. There were multi colored vehicles (buses, trucks, cars, airplanes, etc) and dishes that you placed each in. There were also pompom balls of all shapes and sizes. This allowed you to not only count but group by color, shape, size, etc.
  • One was a shape of a number and you used play dough to make the shape of the number.
  • Finally there was the craft station as seen below. There were stencils in the shapes of letters and numbers, stencils in shapes (triangle, etc), and letters (although the teacher accidentally thought they were numbers), and  the kids were able to make their own art work.

After our time in the art room, we went back to the library and sang a song about monkey’s jumping on the bed, and the teacher read a cute book about pigs. Then our time was over.

The verdict: She LOVED it. She’s ready to go back.

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