Quilt Block 13 & 15

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Over the weekend Abug and I went to the store and looked for inspiration in material. One of the materials that we chose was the Chiefs material because we’re big Chiefs fans at our house. I’m trying to make this a quilt that is for baby girl so incorporating things into this quilt that her, especially at this point in her life is a big deal for me.

Working on the flag one was difficult. We had to piece material together here and there. I wanted another red, white, and blue piece to help tie in Quilt Block 5. Creating that piece was a little stressful because we had to piece together some of the red white and blue flag material, finally grandma found more. For a while, I wasn’t sure we were going to have enough so that just added to the stress. That pattern block happens to be larger than the 12″ ones, it’s 18.5 so it uses a little more material.

Can you tell I was stressed working on the red white and blue quilt block? Oh, and did you notice that my title says 13 and 15. Wonder why? Well on Easter, after dinner my grandma and I sat at the table and looked for quilt block inspiration on the website. I printed off patterns 13-15 but accidentally left quilt block 14 sitting on the printer so when we got to Grandma’s Monday I didn’t have 14. Oh well…

I have added those blocks to this layout. I really need to lay these out on a floor so we have a better idea of what it will look like versus the patterns overlapping to keep some on the bed…

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