Christmas Eve

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Okay, so this is going to be photo heavy. I have to break it into Christmas Eve and Christmas Day anyway… I don’t want a week’s worth of posts to get through Christmas, so please just know that I enjoy photos and chalk it up to that :).

The Sunday before Christmas our friend Carlene brought the girls over presents for Christmas. This is not only baby girl’s first Christmas but it was also her first present! How exciting! And her favorite part? The paper :). They got her a light-up sea horse that sings to her and a teething bird toy. Tbug got a KC Chiefs Sweatshirt!! Thank you, Dan & Carlene!!

Then we went to Sunday Night Dinner. Just before we left Earl gave the girls their presents too. Isn’t this how you open presents?

Tbug got a really cute scarf set. Thank you Earl & Pokey!!

One reason you don’t see a lot of headbands in baby girl’s pictures…..

Just kidding. Usually, as we’re heading places she pulls them down like this, rips the bow off and so on and so forth. Sometimes we make it through with the bows but usually… not.

Christmas Eve, we headed to my parent’s house for dinner and presents with mom’s side of the family. Steak, Baked Potatoes, Grilled Zucchini, and Squash were on the menu.

Then it was time for presents.

But not before I snapped a quick photo with my girls. My mom was annoyed because I turned on lights, but I needed them for my pictures. Sorry, mom… Love you!!

Then it was time for presents. UB and Tbug passed out presents, played “Santa” while I helped baby girl open her presents and hubby took photos of all of us opening presents. They kept teasing me about giving and taking away presents from baby girl. Plus taking away her favorite… the gift wrap.

Tbug kept saying “A Box, just what I’ve always wanted!!” every time she opened a present.

I snapped a few quick photos of hubby opening presents too.

We quickly piled our stuff up, changed our clothes and headed to Candlelight service. Tbug was annoyed at me because I made her dress up but I told her it was one time a year that I make her (maybe twice if you think Easter) so she could suck it up and do this just for me. She rolled her eyes, smiled and changed. But not before asking if she could wear a nice shirt with her jeans. Sorry, we ate and ran mom but thanks for understanding!!

After Candlelight service we went home and opened up one present a piece. We decided to do PJ’s as a treat. Hubby was impressed I thought to wrap them in separate paper so I knew exactly which ones to open up Christmas Eve versus what we’d open on Christmas Morning.

Taking lessons from Baby Girl.

Then we quickly showered and headed to bed so that Santa would come visit us. Now the funny thing is we all piled on to our bed for a few minutes and I looked at Tbug and said, You know what we forgot… to put out Santa Cookies and Milk, duh so she and I quickly ran into the kitchen to put out cookies and milk and then it was off to dream land where visions of sugar plums danced in our head… or something like that, right?

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