Easter 2017

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One tradition I really wanted to keep is getting pictures with Santa and the Easter Bunny at the respective holidays. So far Abug still hates the Easter Bunny. This year Tbug happened to be with us when we went to see the Easter Bunny. She’s old enough I wasn’t going to make her get in the picture, as you may notice from how she’s dressed (just regular clothes) but Abug threw such a fit that we conned Tbug to be in the photo to keep Abug happy. We never did get Abug to smile, but this isn’t bad I guess….

Mom bought Easter cookie cutters and asked that I make her some Sugar Cookies to take to work. This is what she got. Not bad I guess, right? Please tell me they’re good 😀.

The night before Easter I wound up making cookies. I guess I was really in the mood for cookies. haha.

Easter morning we were up bright and early to head to Church, but not before we saw what the Easter Bunny brought Abug. She got a book on top of everything in her Easter basket there.

My handwriting says Have you found joy in your life? Has your life brought joy to others? That was kind of the take away message from Easter Church Service.

Our attempt at a family photo (minus Tbug. This wasn’t our Easter to have her 😔)

When we got back to my parents house Memaw showed up and Abug got another Easter Basket.

Since I was kind of responsible for the food, how about some food pictures because those are really the only other photos I have… bummer!

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