School Doesn’t

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Things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you

School doesn’t teach you how to be a friend.  Sure you make friends in school, but you only learn how to be a friend with real-life experiences.

School may give you the knowledge on how to manage your finances, but until you’re out in the real world and trying to juggle this bill with that bill and this amount of money coming in, you never truly know how to deal with your finances.

School doesn’t teach you how to have fun.  Life is too short not to laugh at least once a day.

School may teach you that you need coffee, but it surely doesn’t teach you how to make it.

School doesn’t teach you how to prepare for the loss of a very close family member.  And once you’ve lost your family member, you don’t learn in school how to deal with that loss and move on one day at a time.

School doesn’t prepare you how to live a married life and have a family.  There are classes you can take where you pretend to be married or you have to carry the baby around, but they still don’t quite prepare you for “real life”.

School is great, you learn a lot, but sometimes you don’t get those life lessons that come from living life.

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  1. The most important lessons in life are definitely learned through experience. Great thoughts! 🙂

  2. Don't ya think they should take out some of the nonsense topics they teach and just have a real world- face the facts kind of a class?
    That would be nice.

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