Rain makes corn

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Rain makes Corn, Corn makes Whiskey, Whiskey makes my baby, feel a little Frisky….

Whether you are a plant-eater or a meat-eater, the long and short of it is YOU NEED RAIN.

We’ll get a day of rain here or a day of rain there and everyone is just complaining about the rain and how they want the sun to come back out.  What the heck?  Rain makes things grow.  It makes it so wells don’t drag bottom (and pump your swimming pool full of mud).  It makes rivers flow for the fishermen.  Rain is a very pertinent thing for the environment.  It even helps clear out smog in larger cities.

We were in a drought last year, not nearly as big of drought as some parts of the country, but drought map after drought map showed we were in the severe drought areas.  We were under burn bans, asked to limit showers and the use of water in general, and yet if we’d get a day of rain people would cry about wanting the sun back.

Now I love the sun just as much as the next person, but in the reality of things, come July and August when we’re back in the “drying up” phase, farmers will be hurting.  When farmers hurt, the animals hurt.  But even the vegetarians are effected because no water to grow crops.  Crop prices shoot through the roof.  Simple as that.

So if we have to endure a few days here and there of rain, praise that rain and know that the Good Lord is taking care of his ground, his animals and his people.  Don’t wish it away, especially in the drier summer months.  We don’t want another early Oklahoma Dust Bowl to happen.

So my suggestion, use it as a day to stay inside and read a good book.  Or better yet, go dance in the rain!

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0 thoughts on “Rain makes corn

  1. Folks here are already worrying about a repeat of last year's drought here… I'm a sun worshipper, but it was a little extreme last year. Reality is, I work at a SOD farm, and rain is kiiinda important around here!!!

  2. The dust bowl was in the 30's. The movie, Grapes of Wrath, was made in the 40's, but it was about the 30's.

  3. People are so far removed from agriculture, that they just dont get it. I wonder how many vegetarians would say simply, 'the store', when asked where their beloved veggies come from. I've heard people say that about milk. Its crazy… Enjoy that rain! We're still drying up. Pretty sure we are in another dust bowel.

  4. We're never short on rain around here, that's for sure.
    I love that you posted Luke Bryan. I firmly believe that he is my future husband :p

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