Things that make you go hmmmm (hubby titled it!)

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One of my favorite shows to watch lately has been Family Fued, but only the one where Steve Harvey is the host. Anyway tonight I was watching. Once a family hits 300+ points, then that family sends up 2 people who get asked the same 5 questions and they have to hit 200 points to win $20,000. One of the questions they were asked in the 5 question round was, how much on a scale of 1-10 do you want your kids to be like you? The first gal said 7 which got like 19 points. The other gal said 10 which got like 2 points or something like that. Then Steve Harvey reveals the number 1 answer. The number 1 answer… 1.

That struck me as odd… Seriously, people only want their children to be like them as a 1 out of 10. So hubby and I discussed that. He said people are a lot like me (which obviously made me roll my eyes), he said that people focus on the bad about themselves versus the good. Hmmm… okay so maybe he has a point, more than just the tip of his nose.

I guess only seeing the bad in themselves could make a person say they didn’t want their kids to be like them. So then hubby said that he knows he’s done a lot of stuff in his life that he wishes his kids would never do, however, he said, I’m a pretty smart feller and I would hope they get that from me. I have decent vision, hopefully she gets that from me. Now when it comes to hair, I kind of hope it’s a combination of yours and mine… basically the straight easy to manage from me and somewhere between my thickness and yours from us.

It definitely is easy to see the bad. Life has thrown a lot of curve balls our way here lately. There’s been some good times and there’s been some really rough times. I have always said that life is like a roller coaster.. there’s ups and downs and twists and turns. I guess another great thing about Family Fued, one of the questions for the 5 questions a few nights ago was what has ups and downs. One person answered a roller coaster and another person answered life. Both got a lot of points, but roller coaster was the number 1 answer.

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