The Story Part 6

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I knew that the nurse came in to take my vitals but hubby and I were so exhausted that we wound up going right back to sleep. I remember passing my arm across the bed at the nurse but I’m fairly certain she took my blood pressure while I was asleep.

When I woke up closer to 7:30 that Saturday morning hubby and I discussed breakfast and he called our order down to the cafeteria and then we got baby girl up to hold her. After we ate hubby started packing our things up because we were told we’d be able to go home that day. My doctor came in and released me, we were just waiting for baby girl’s doctor’s nurse practitioner to come in and check her/release her to go home.

Nurse Shanie who gave us a tour of the delivery area a few months prior was our nurse that morning. She and the Nurse Practitioner came in and checked baby girl over, answered a few questions that hubby and I had and said that she was released. So hubby continued to pack up our things so we could leave as soon as we were discharged.

My mom called and asked if we needed some help. I told her if nothing else, please come to our house and watch baby girl so at least hubby and I could shower and take a nap. The night before was a bit rough. She said she’d just head into the hospital and help us finish loading up and then she’d be more than happy to watch baby girl for us.

Around 11:30, I was still in the hospital gown but otherwise everything was packed up and had been moved to the car, except for what I needed to change. We were just sitting in the room waiting for the nurse to come release us. Finally hubby asked me if they forgot about me and told me to come up with something I could ask them.

As you may or may not know, they have you wear those mesh underwear things in the hospital so I finally thought I’d go ask if I could wear my actual underwear home. I know, it was a stupid question but I needed to do something to get the nurses attention. They told me of course I could and asked if I was ready to go home or if we were eating lunch there. I said, I’d prefer to just go home, I really don’t have any reason to stick around here unless I need to. They told me to go get dressed and when I was, come let them know and we’d go through discharge papers.

I walked back in the room and asked hubby to come into the bathroom and help me dress and then we’d be ready to go. I was kind of excited. 2 days in the hospital was long enough for me. The only other time I’ve been in the hospital like that was when I was born and I obviously don’t remember that.

Once I was dressed and got everything packed up that was still waiting I went out and told the nurse sitting at the desk. She said Shanie would be right in as soon as she was finished doing what she was doing.

My mom helped dress baby girl in her going home outfit, we snapped a few photos and then we were out the door running.

Okay I wasn’t running and neither was anyone else. Shanie wheeled me out of the building (protocol), hubby carried baby girl in her carseat (also protocol, babies have to be strapped into carseats before they are allowed to leave the room), and my mom, FIL and hubby grabbed what ever was remaining in our room to go home and then we finally got to head home.

We put our stuff in the car, my mom took my prescription to go get from the pharmacy and we headed out of the hospital parking lot. It was a crazy feeling, even though we’d only been in there for 2 days to leave there. The driving home part was sooooo surreal. I snapped a picture of gas prices on the day baby girl got to go home.

When hubby and I were headed home we called my MIL so she and Tbug could come over. We got to the house and unloaded baby girl. My mom got there with my prescription just after we got home. She decided to run to the Amish store up the road to get us lunch. Then since my MIL was there, my mom said she had things to do at home so she went ahead and headed home. My MIL and Tbug watched baby girl while hubby and I took a shower and then went and took a nap. While we were napping, Earl and the kids came by to see Peanut for a few minutes and then she went home to make dinner (for us too). 

Later that night Earl, Pokey and the kids came back with Lasagna for us. While they were here they watched Peanut while Tbug, Memaw, hubby and I ate. We all sat here and watched a movie. About halfway through the movie Earl and I went and put Peanut in jammies that Pokey picked out especially for her.

Then we settled back in to watch the movie. Peanut made some of the cutest faces while we sat here and watched the movie. In fact, I have no idea what movie we watched because I watched Peanut more.

Then about the time that Earl, Pokey and the kids went to leave, Moo and Tbug gave peanut a kiss. And then we were on our first night home as a new family.

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