The Story Part 4

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After they had her all cleaned up and gave her to hubby and me, they asked if we planned on bottle feeding or breast feeding. Said that if we planned on breast feeding we needed to try within 1 hour after birth. Finally once the nurse had all of her information/procedure done including removing the IV’s and the catheter from my epidural, she said we were allowed to have 5 (including hubby) visitors in the room. I honestly can’t tell you the order anyone came in. And I was having a hay day because I still couldn’t feel my legs.

They told us that they had a bet going on in the waiting room on how much she would weigh. Tbug came in with the most accurate at 7lb 9oz. Then Memaw, Grandma J and Earl guessed 8lb 2oz. Mom guessed 8lb 1oz, my FIL guessed 8lb 6oz and my dad guessed 11lb 2oz so that when she came out at 6lb 9oz we could laugh.

Earlier that morning I woke up sooooo thirsty but watching all the tv shows where people have babies, you’re not supposed to drink anything so when this was all said and done the first thing I requested was water. Yup, water. I could have had anything I wanted to drink (obviously within reason… lol), the nurse offered and all I wanted was water. Then we also ordered suckers that said It’s a Girl for everyone since it’s no longer cool to give out cigars… lol :).

We chose to use the pediatrician that Earl uses for her kids which just so happens to be one of the two who comes into the hospital and also happened to be the on call pediatrician this week. She came in to check on Peanut and said all looked well. Yey :).

We had lots of visitors. In fact later on the next couple of days I started listing the visitors and can’t remember them all I’m afraid. I have a huge list though!

Then our nurse came back in to give Peanut her bath. She wasn’t so crazy about the sponge bath.

Finally they released me to eat. Thank goodness! I was hungry. I ordered a cheeseburger and fries. YUM! I woofed my food down. Mom and dad went home to do chores and eat dinner and then came back to pick up Tbug since she wanted to eat dinner with us.

The nurse got tickled at me because as my legs were waking up I kept commenting on how they felt. For the most part my right leg was completely back awake other than a few spots here and there still felt asleep but my left leg… that was another story. I could feel from my knee down but from my knee to my hip still was out of it come around 7-8pm. I had asked at 4 how long it would take to come back and they said about an hour. By the 7-8 time I really needed to go to the bathroom. The nurse was afraid to let me walk to the bathroom though because she figured since my leg was still like it was I would wind up on the floor.

She wound up changing the bedding so she agreed to let me move from the bed to a chair she sat next to the bed. Since I did so well moving there she grabbed my left side and made hubby grab my right side and they walked me to the bathroom in case my leg gave out. I had no problems though :).

Earl had gone home earlier that evening but somehow (whether she offered or hubby asked) she went to our house to pick up some things we left earlier that morning. One of the things hubby had her pick up for us were seasons of Friends since that’s what we normally go to sleep watching anyway. We were trying to create a sense of normalcy in all this chaoticness.

Everyone left us around 11pm that night. Hubby and I were exhausted.

The nurses came in around 2am (Friday morning) or so and took the Peanut off for a bath and to run the hearing test on her which she passed with flying colors. Then when they brought her back, they took my vitals and asked when the last time she had been fed was. The funny thing about these nurses were they were the same ones that checked me in at 2am (Thursday morning). I told them we’d tried feeding her but I was afraid that she wasn’t getting anything so we decided to give her a bottle to make sure she was at least getting something in her tummy. So we had our first of many of 3am feedings.

Then we went back to sleep. Hubby kept the bassinet next to him since he was able to get up easier than I was. She would make noises in her sleep so I’d wake him up, he’d check on her and we’d go back to sleep. Around 7am Becca came in to check on us and take my vitals. She asked how I was feeling and I replied, Exhausted. She said, okay well I’ll come back later to do more. Just to let you know it’s almost 7 and if you want breakfast you need to order it by 8am or so to get it down here.

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