Unique Christmas Presents

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If by chance you are AC, Don’t you dare read today’s post!!!

But if you are not AC, then please by all means be my guest…

It’s just this is such a cool idea, but….

It is her Christmas present….

And I truthfully don’t see her reading… she only read blogs that I specifically send her….

But I just had to get that out now

Because I want this to be a surprise.

Like I said it’s such a cool idea!

Yes I’m stalling b/c I really don’t want her to see 🙂

Ok I’ll get on with the story 🙂

During the Maple Leaf Parade up on the square after the parade goes through there are all kinds of craft vendors set up.  There was one that really caught our eye, it was called Possum Hollow Treasures and they did something so neat and unique that we just knew we had to have one.  They take bottles (wine bottles, beer bottles, coke bottles, didn’t matter as long as they were glass) and flatten them.  Then they either make them into wall hangings or spoon rests.  I had never seen anything like it before nor do I think I would have thought of that.  So we asked if they’d do custom orders, the answer, Yes.  All we had to do was send them the bottles we wanted flattened, tell them what we wanted (wall hanging or spoon rest), send them the money and pay postage.  And their charge, OMG it was very well priced… $10.  Can’t beat that with a stick!  So without further ado, here is AC’s Christmas present, and of course we had one made for us too, it is our wedding bottle. 🙂



Peace, Love & Unique presents 🙂


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  1. OMG when I went to a craft sale today, they had these and i wanted one cuz they were cool but couldn't figure out who could use one…what they had on display was they attached one of those little spread/dip spreader knife things around the top and it was like a cheese block

  2. I've seen these before but I like that you can send them a custom order & they'll do it. You could save bottles from special moments that way – it's pretty cool!

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