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Ok let me first off start by saying,

To all the veterans out there who have so bravely fought for our Freedom
And let’s not forget about all of those who are currently serving to keep those freedoms ours!  Please take a minute to say a prayer for their safety!

And while I grumble about not wanting to get out of beds in the morning because it’s to cold or to early, I say a quick thank you and ask for your safety.  Thank you for allowing me to sleep in peace at night!  Thanks is definitely not enough for your braveness! And I’ll say a quick prayer to for your families who are without you as well!


I’m not in the mood to get out of bed in the mornings now.  Of course I’m sure you all know by now, I’m more of a summer person, cold weather is not for me!

The only floors in our house that are carpeted are the 3 bedrooms, otherwise it’s tile and hardwood floors for us.  Makes it easy to keep clean really, but when it’s cold in the house and you step down on those floors, brrrr!  In fact our bathroom has stone flooring.. it’s even colder!

If I knew where my house slippers were, I might not complain, as much… LOL :).  Speaking of house slippers, I used to have these big purple fuzzy ones and when my pup Morelli (who still is at my parents) was a puppy, he could fit in the pocket of my hoodies, anyway he’d grab that big ole purple house slipper and take off running with it, it was hilarious.  I wish I had photos but I think I laughed way to much about it.

Anyway I’m getting side tracked.  Yesterday I showed you a photo of this bed.

I work for a company who we basically call ourselves “the components people”.  We mostly manufacture components for home & office and even your cars.  Yup, probably somewhere in your daily life you are affected by something my company makes. {well it’s not my company but the one I work for, you know what I mean}

So one of our divisions was challenged a few years back to come up with a concept bed.  They had a meeting, threw out every design, feature, function, and more that they’d like to see in a bed and then sat down to create it.

I think it took them something like 4 months to create this particular bed.

Now when you first look at it, you might think…. um… ok?  Don’t worry, I’ve heard about it since it came out and a few weeks ago when I actually got to see it, I kind of had the same thoughts… ok?? so what’s the big deal?…  But wait until you hear some of the things this bed will do for you :).

First off, I should tell you that this bed is run off remote control.  Yes, one more remote you have to keep track of.. ha!  At one point they were going to create the technology to run it off an iPhone but decided that that wouldn’t be feasible in upkeep costs… ha!

So this tv off to the side, is your menu.  Yes, that menu is larger than some people’s tv’s but whatever 🙂 if you are going to go, why not go all out!  Remember, this is a concept bed, it was a way to get creative juices flowing for people to see just what you could make a bed do for you!

Now it has a tv projection system in it.

That means if you want to watch tv, you watch it theater style.  Sorry this photo is dark, all these photos were taken with my iPhone, but the projection system comes out of the headboard as well as speakers for that good surround sound effect!

You also get speakers that come out of the foot of the bed.  Remember, we want Surround sound people!

The bed itself was I think was a queen sized mattress (I can’t quite remember but that’s what it looks like) but it was basically like two twin beds put side by side.  That way if you wanted to sit up and read for instance but your spouse/significant other wanted to lay down, you could both be comfortable.

Now look at the wall… yes, that says Romance Mode.

If you place this on Romance Mode, it drops one bed completely flat, turns on a vibration mechanism in the bed, turns the wall sconces on to red mood lighting and get this… belts out the song, “Let’s Get it On,” on the speakers.  Oh yeah, I’m sure the kids will see that one coming… LOL 🙂

Now don’t worry if your bedroom doesn’t have a wall plug in close enough for your phone.  Heck why not, as long as you have an iPhone or iPod, just plug it into the bed to charge.  Seriously people, who wants cords strung all across the floor anyway 🙂

As long as you aren’t listening to music from your iPod/iPhone or watching tv/movies the projection system and speakers are in the headboard so nothing happens to them.

Now granted this isn’t a real bedroom, but it is to simulate a real bedroom, so it actually draws the curtains on the wall where your projection system plays once you have it all shut down so you have a nice mood setting with the curtains and don’t have to look at that drab white wall :).

Now you know the age old thing in cars, fighting over the warmness vs coolness?  I’ve now seen vehicles that have dual climate controls.  Have you seen that?  Well I’m not sure about you but when I go to bed, my husband is like a sauna.  That’s good for me who is usually freezing (unless it’s summer maybe) {sorry if you think that last part was tmi}, but he’s always hot so we sleep with a fan on low most times to help keep us both comfortable.

Well this bed, I’m sure you saw it coming has dual climate controls.

You can have your bed set on say 65 degrees and he can have his set on 70, oh wait maybe that’s backwards to most men & women :).  But seriously, those are the climate controls for each mattress and yes, it will cool and heat the mattress to help with your comfort.

Now my husband snores.  Do any of the rest of you experience that with your spouse?  Never fear with this bed.  Once you start snoring in the middle of the night, it will slowly adjust you to the perfect position so that you’ll quit snoring for the best nights rest plus a bonus of not waking your spouse and getting kicked for snoring.  I’m usually the kicker, not the kickee.

Now since this is at one of our branches they had to create an ambiance of a bedroom to give you the full effect.  Here is a gorgeous country landscape that you might possibly see out your window… or in a picture frame 🙂

No I’m not laying on the bed for this shot, just standing next to it.  I didn’t actually get to lay on it and test it out :(.  It might have been fun though… LOL j/k, I think.

Hey there’s the remote laying on the bed.  But anyway this was to show they went all out in setting this up to be a pretty room although when the beds raise and lower, it kind of messes with the pillows… woops!

This was the door you enter into and out of this room by and it actually looks like there is a groove in that door does it not?

Here’s up close.  They just painted the groove in there.  I so need to learn how to do this, just sayin :).  I think that is super awesome.  Yes I’m easily impressed if that’s what you want to call it 🙂

So welcome to the bed of the future :). 

It only has a price tag of $50,000.  Who wants to buy me one?

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