Fortune Cookies

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You know, originally I had my title as In Bed but I didn’t want some of the weirdo’s out there who google all kinds of weird things to wind up on my blog b/c of that title, so I thought I’d change it.  Smart right?

So who doesn’t like to go eat at Chinese restaurants?  Mmmmmm Chinese food!  Anyway you know how at the end of your meal you usually (not always) get a fortune cookie?

And it’s always fun to break it out of the package

Crack it open

And read your fortune.  I’ve even had some that have how to speak/write a word in Chinese on the back and lucky numbers.  Yes I’ve even been known to go buy a lotto ticket with those numbers just for the fun of it.  Nope, never won a thing though.

Anyway you get fortunes like these.  Come on, I think I got jipped here!  But Did you know about the “In Bed” that you add to the end of your fortune?  It’s just a cute little fun game to play.  Sometimes you get some “juicy” ones and sometimes you get something that sounds like this one with “In Bed” at the end….

You like participating in competitive sports in bed.

I guess it could work but it’s just kind of a toss up on if it is funny or not.

Now you try one…..

Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause in bed.

Again could work… but I actually like what that fortune says.

Now here’s one I had sitting on my desk.  I think it works 🙂

You look happy and proud in bed.

Then we had a few cookies sitting at the house so I opened them up to see what their fortunes said.

You like sunshine and fresh air in bed.

Well I’m not so sure about the sunshine part because that means it’s time to get up…

One more….

You are never bitter, deceptive or petty in bed.

Ok and that’s what I have for you on this fine Wednesday morning that so felt like Thursday when I woke up 🙂

Sorry for the pics… all with the handy dandy iPhone 🙂

0 thoughts on “Fortune Cookies

  1. Ha ha ha! That's funny! Sometimes for Friday lunches at the office we all get Chinese food and we always read the fortune and Jill and I say “In Bed” at the end of everyones fortune.

  2. I think I learned about the 'in bed' thing from students during a trip somewhere. Was a rather awkward learning moment for me.

    And what's that little camera deal in the pictures? I was looking at that more than the fortune cookies

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE reading my fortune and adding “in bed” at the end! Those were great! Sadly, I haven't had chinese food since my water broke 6 weeks early at the Chinese buffet down the street. Good times. I just can't show my face in there again.

  4. Totally smart to change the title. I can't imagine what In Bed might have attracted LOL!

    I love Chinese food, one of my faves. I love the fortune cookies too & we always play the In Bed game 🙂

  5. OMG I can't believe you do that! LOL. We do that too. It's funny sometimes. Juicy others. And then sometimes…meh. And smart move on the change of the title! Haha.

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