A Tail to Tell

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Have you met Audrey?  If you come around here any at all, I’m sure you have.  Audrey is a Cocker Spaniel.

Have you met Millie?  If you’ve been around, maybe you’ve caught her every now and again, if not, This is Millie.

Both Millie & Audrey are Cocker Spaniels, although by looks you might not pair them together, but they are.  Let me bring your attention to their back side, also referred to as their butt.  If you’ll notice, neither one has a tail.

 Now have you met Cowgirl?  She is my {step}daughter’s Boston Terrier that lives with my MIL.  I’m not sure she’s made an appearance here before or not, if not, everyone this is Cowgirl, Cowgirl this is everyone.

If you know anything about Boston Terrier’s, you’ll know, they don’t have tails either.

Now have you met Mo Dog (aka Morelli)?  He got his name off a character in a book series I read.  Poor dog!  He is a mutt, again, poor dog getting called names.  Morelli doesn’t have a tail either.  We had it docked when he was a puppy, he kind of looked funny with one, especially because his momma is a Cocker Spaniel and we thought he’d look more like one of those.

Now we all know Mudflap, the goofiest dog in this part of the country, but the coolest too, right?!?! You betcha!  Mudflap is an Australian Shepherd (or an Aussie for short).

Again, if you don’t know anything about Aussies, no tails.

Now this isn’t to say they are all born without tails, no some are docked when puppies to match the breed characteristic.

Ok, So as you can see, breeds of dogs that have no tails.  I have no experience with tails.  Then we got Marlie.  You remember her right?

Look at that huge, ginormous, honkin’ tail.

Some days I think that dog should have 2 names, one for her and one for the tail.  If you bend over and she thinks you are going to pet her she comes up to you and bonks you with that tail.  And boxes in the house, don’t have them or at least make sure they aren’t breakable things because more likely than not, the tail will attack them.  This whole tail thing is something I’m having to get used to, that’s for sure.

Oh well, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change her for the world, think maybe I can duct tape the tail to her back leg?


{disclosure: I love dogs, no dogs were hurt in the making of this blog post and no dogs will ever be hurt because of a silly tail 🙂  Now we return you to regularly scheduled broadcasting.}

7 thoughts on “A Tail to Tell

  1. So, does Marlie chase her tail?
    Then, I'm wondering….do dogs with tails docked chase their hiney? 🙂
    A couple weeks ago, I laughed while watching Kasey {the farm dog} having a fun time chasing her tail. But then, maybe it's just a puppy thing. Who knows. Just a few random thoughts. 🙂

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