Ride for Life

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After a kind of long night because Aloha thought it would be fun to paw at the trailer all night (silly horse) we were up and at ’em first thing Saturday morning. Actually we slept fairly decent, except the 4ish times Aloha was making racket so hubby went to check on her. I’m not sure Pete was real happy with that… lol, just kidding.

Friday night got down around 59 degrees for a low. Being in a valley like we were, that created a gorgeous morning with the fog hanging low. Hubby and Grady went up to get us some breakfast and the dew on the grass was so thick their boots were soaked. We swore mud boots would have been nice at that point.

We were actually with the Missouri Mounted Guard in our group. They were spread throughout the trail of riders to make sure nothing happened and if it did (ie bucked off a horse, etc) they were there to help all the patrons of the ride. They were easily spotted by their yellow.

The ride was to start around 8, or so we thought. Closer to 8:30 they started calling for all campers to move toward the front of the area so we could head out. Our group chose to stay toward the back and bring up the rear.

The purpose for our ride was to raise money for St. Jude Cancer Research. Everyone had different reasons for riding, but we were all riding for the cause at the same time.

Tbug had a party to attend the night before for her half sister so my parents picked her up afterwards, she stayed the night with them and then they brought her down to us Saturday morning because she didn’t want to miss this for anything.

Since our group was at the back, we had to wait for everyone else to head out. Sadly there were a few rodeo’s but everyone was Okay and that’s the main thing!

When we lost Squirty last fall, we’re down to 3 horses to ride, one being a stud. Mini Me hasn’t been around a whole lot of other horses so we figured it wouldn’t be a good idea to try him out this day, so J-rod was able to snag us an extra horse, hubby got to ride the Appaloosa. They got off to a bit of a rough start together, but they survived with only minor bruising on hubby’s leg. As hubby says, “Pain Heals, Chicks dig scars and Glory lasts forever,” (name that movie).

Tbug was to the back side of me, then we have Hubby, SW, Grady & Deb. There were a few who got behind us so we were waiting on them to catch up so we could close the gate and go grab some grub… aka lunch.

I wanted proof that I was there so here’s my shadow, leg and the side of KG. Then hubby snagged the camera from me so that I could “really” be seen.

Annie decided she wanted us to share our BBQ Chips and our Chocolate Chip Cookies with her.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=148ZJh3Vu0k]

Then they started comparing why 2 of Deb & Grady’s horses were different weights… Callie (left) took a bite at a time to eat it while Annie took an entire mouthful and before she was done she was eating another entire plant… lol :). Then Grady thought he’d help the Annie hold on to her grass and she got testy with him. It was hilarious. Have I ever told you how much I LOVE horses?

After lunch we closed up the gap and all headed out again. Our crew was still toward the back but we moved up just a bit.

Some of the beautiful landscape we saw throughout our ride.

This guys shirt says it all!

We rode hard. We wound up riding around 6 hours or so, 14 miles, up and down slopes, through wooded areas, and all of the above. The scenery was gorgeous. The day was fabulous. The cause was good. I can also say that we were tired when it was over and poor KG, the old man, got his workout! :).

Once we got back to camp, Deb started working on the potatoes. We first cooked them in the microwave and then finished them up in the oven and on the grill. We also started green beans to cooking. She and I both had trouble with the can opener so I took them out to hubby for some assistance… hey he enjoyed them to so I let him help… lol.

At 6pm we headed up toward the front to the tent because they were having an auction to help raise money as well.

I saw this sight too. Don’t worry, the horse is just laying there on command as I saw the horse moving and saw them lay the other horse down. I think they were just enjoying some resting time 🙂

As we got to the tent we had to go register for a number and of course see all the loot to auction off.

A couple items were auctioned twice as once the buy got it, they said re-auction it to raise more money. I saw cookies bringing $50-60. A Peach Pie went for $110. The recliner was sold twice. Remember folks, this was for a fabulous cause!

One thing that was pointed out to me, we had to wear the striped bracelets to show we checked in for the ride, but my diver bracelet looked a lot like the ride bracelet. I also have a nice huge white band on my arm now :). Plus I got one from my watch. Poor SW got one from her headband on her head. Shhhh don’t tell her that I told you!

After the auction was over, we went back to our camp area and ate steaks. YUM!  Plus green beans, bread, chips, cookies and probably more desserts than you could shake a leg at… lol.

Hubby, Tbug and I headed home Saturday night. By the time we got out of there and got horses dropped off at their respective places, it was around midnight when we got home. I had Tbug jump in the shower first and when I went in to take mine, I was greeted by this cute little note. I know the poor girls thoughts exactly. We were all exhausted and didn’t wake up until well after 10 on Sunday morning.

This was a great weekend, for a fabulous cause and we had some excellent company. Once my muscles quit aching I’m ready to go again. I did learn this weekend that I’m not spring chicken anymore… lol.

Oh and dun dun da dun…. the total I heard raised was $15,000.

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  1. In a way, we were both doing similar things this weekend! haha! Sounds like you had a great time for a worthy cause. The pics are awesome 🙂

  2. Looks like a fun ride! So great to ride for a good cause 😀 We have a couple rides to raise money but I haven't been able to go for the past few years since I haven't had a very well trained horse ha ha.

  3. That sounds like such an awesome day! How awesome that it was for such a great cause too. I would be so sore and tired if I rode a horse for that long!

  4. What a fantastic ride and the cause is soooo worthy!

    Isn't it weird, we've got all these horses and still have to “borrow” one when we want to go for a big ride. What is wrong with this picture? lol
    Glad everyone had a safe and fun time. Your Hubby cracks me up – good thing he's tough 🙂

    Great note, nothing like a day of fun riding to tucker a kid out.

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