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I promise it isn’t a political post.  I mean it touches on politics but I’m not one to debate politics with anyone because we all have our own opinion and we’re all entitled to our opinion.  We won’t see eye to eye on topics, and that’s part of what makes this country so great.  Ok now that I have my disclaimer… here I go…


Ok here it is… every candidate has a political agenda.  They have something they want to accomplish.  They want to be in power so that their agenda can be met, or at least closer to being met.  Point Blank.
Also every candidate has their pros and their cons.  That is their pros and cons for and against them.  No one is perfect… we know this.   And here’s a good one for you, we all screw up.  Do things we wish we never did… a lot of people especially do this in their college years.  Let’s not rehash that crap.  We’ve all grown up since then.
So let’s do a little junior high refreshing course, shall we?  Ok Yes the President has the absolute VETO power and or the ability to sign a bill into a law, etc.  BUT, don’t forget about the House and the Senate.  Whatever the issue has to be passed between both of those before it ever winds up on the presidents desk.
Then, if the president doesn’t care for whatever is being passed across his desk, then he’s going to Veto it, however, there are checks and balances in place and 2/3rds majority of congress can collectively overrule the presidents veto, so if majority of your house and your senate are of the same party, the president is of the opposite party, but this party wants something passed, it can still get passed.
This just in from PC:  If you want to learn about how the president goes about getting things done and how government works in the white house, watch the West Wing Series.  It follows the Clinton Administration and will teach you way more than you learned in junior high and high school about the whole process.
Now back to regularly scheduled programing.
So now let’s talk a little about the candidates however I promise this isn’t a sales pitch of any sort, just something I noticed.
If you remember back to 4 years ago when President Obama was on the campaign trail along with McCain, a lot of times Obama was not only compared/better than McCain but he was compared a lot to Sarah Palin.  Obama and Palin were for different political offices.  One was running for President, the other for Vice President.  I never understood why they compared those too so much as opposed to Obama and McCain.  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even know who Obama’s running mate was until the Vice Presidential debate.  Biden who?
So now this election… I know who both Presidential candidates are.  Obviously I know who Biden is now, but up until the vice presidential debate this time, I didn’t know who the Republican Vice Presidential candidate was.  This time I feel it is apples to apples because they are constantly comparing presidential candidate to presidential candidate.  More fair in my opinion. 
Now that I’ve state all of this… I say let’s vote for Mickey Mouse as president.  Don’t you think Mini would make a great First Lady?  Who knows….
Oh and I’ll leave you with one last question that I don’t know the answer too, well I sort of do, but…
Let’s say that we didn’t like either candidate running.  All of us.  Just play along.  Ok so when election time comes they have a write in slot.  Let’s say we all voted for a past president who was our favorite.  Let’s also say this president ran his full 2 terms.  But he was written in and elected… Would they give the job to him?  I know, I know, they wouldn’t, but it would still be funny to see.
Anyway Vote for Mickey.

0 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. I'm pretty sure we'd be a lot better off with Mickey. 😉
    We don't like either one of our options… but for us, its come down to the lesser evil. They are both sorry, I think all politicians are sorry these days.
    But either way, our Jesus is King no matter who the President is.

  2. Mickey for PREZ! I seriously try to explain to people that the House and the Senate offset the President, but everyone forgets that. I think they compared Obama and Palin for the simple fact that we hadn't had a minority or female in either office. Shouldn't have put them in the same category, but it did.

  3. All politicians do have pros and cons which is why it can be so difficult to choose.

    I agree with Kellie above ~ Mickey for President!

    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party 🙂


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