Goals Accomplished……

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Hmmm…. well, let’s just do a rundown of the goals I actually got accomplished today…..

1. Quit Rambling – Nope still doing that…. *sigh*
2. Don’t Cough up a Lung – Well that’s been an ongoing process, the verdict is still out…
3. Don’t fall asleep at work!! (ooo that’s a good one, I should stick to that!!) – Yey 1 accomplished!!
4. oh wait I dozed off….. – remember I lied here!!
5. haha, j/k… thought it’d be funny, back to goals6. sign photo release – Goal 2 accomplished
7. choose 10-15 photos out of about 130ish…. sigh…. too many good ones to choose from
8. narrow my list down from 26 to 10-15….. – nope still working on this…. 🙁
9. oh crap I forgot about the b&w, sepia, color enhanced set… – Yeah
10. back to the drawing board – well not sure this counts or not…..
11. I guess learn how to draw if I’m going to the drawing board – nope unless you count stick figures and I don’t do them so well…..
12. Find more caffeine, that’ll keep me awake, right? – Don’t think I did this… I can’t remember, I lost my brain apparently…. maybe I should have added, find brain!
13. get stomach to quit lying about being hungry – If you ignore it long enough it realizes it isn’t… 🙂
14. Keep bobblehead (my head) in an upright position – I guess I accomplished this…
15. Turn photo release in – Well I didn’t, but Prince Charming did, he had to sign it after me so I guess technically this got done, yey another goal completed!!!
16. Quit making so many to do things – nope, failed again
17. Remember to get clothes out of washer tonight so they don’t get musty smell – Woohoooo I did this!!! now in the morning, out of the dryer!!
18. Go to bed!!!! – Yey I’m laying there right now… just get off computer Nicole!!!!!
19. Enjoy my Friday! – sure why not!
20. Enjoy your Friday too :)- I’ll give myself the benefit of the doubt that you did this too! That way I get another goal accomplished 🙂

Oh boy if you thought this was a list of things to do…. just ask me what I have to accomplish tomorrow…. ack I don’t want to think about it, I’m going to sleep now, especially after I keep the lung down and find my brain 🙂

Happy Friday!

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