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So have you noticed, or cared, that we’ve forgotten to post 2 blogs. I promise it hasn’t been forgotten, just momentary lapse. And this, this is another one that wasn’t announced but I don’t care. It’s the best we could do on such short notice. I promise there will be one on eyes and there will be one on chair, but not today! Sorry for the letdown! I hope you’ll get over it! I guess you have to, or else you can quit reading, but me, I don’t know really who reads this anyway, it may just be me… I don’t know. I do have 3 followers that I know which makes me oh-so happy!!! but one of them is Prince Charming :). Anyway here we go, today’s feet photo 🙂

Nicole: It’s my baby’s feet. We were at Horsefest yesterday and I was bored.

Prince Charming’s: Hey look, we added my feet in there… (I took both photos, I just claimed one and put one as Prince Charming’s :), see I’m a good fiance!!)

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