We got a Puppy

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We got a puppy. I have been wanting a Basset Hound for as long as I can remember. Maybe even longer than that. Well… We finally got one.

She’s 9 weeks old. I’m starting to wonder why… maybe we fell off our meds. I’m now having to potty train another dog when it’s cold outside. Oh, it snowed yesterday. And I’m having to potty train a dog. The last couple of dogs I’ve had to do this to, just so happens it was this time of year. What were we thinking? UGH!

Anyway, meet Zoey.

Yup, I broke out the Santa hat. How could I resist after seeing this photo? Just saying.

Someone, please check our sanity! Oh, and the little one isn’t such a fan so that’s fun.

One thought on “We got a Puppy

  1. I remember telling hubby I didn’t want any more cats after the last one passed.
    We have four and I am cleaning litter boxes again.
    The plus is youngest boy takes care of 3 of the cats.
    Good luck! I hope she trains quickly!
    God bless.

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