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Wow I’ve become a space cadet or something… I caught one of the cold thingy’s going around… It’s awful, avoid it like the plague!!! So I should set goals for myself today… not sure they’ll get accomplished but hey I’ll try, right :)… I took non-drowsy medicine, I’m actually struggling to stay awake… not sure if it is the medicine or my body is just still sick and trying to make me sleep! So on to the Goals:

1. Quit Rambling
2. Don’t Cough up a Lung
3. Don’t fall asleep at work!! (ooo that’s a good one, I should stick to that!!)
4. oh wait I dozed off…..
5. haha, j/k… thought it’d be funny, back to goals
6. sign photo release

7. choose 10-15 photos out of about 130ish…. sigh…. to many good ones to chose from
8. narrow my list down from 26 to 10-15…..
9. oh crap I forgot about the b&w, sepia, color enhanced set…
10. back to the drawing board
11. I guess learn how to draw if I’m going to the drawing board
12. Find more caffeine, that’ll keep me awake, right?
13. get stomach to quit lying about being hungry
14. Keep bobble head (my head) in up right position
15. Turn photo release in
16. Quit making so many to do things
17. Remember to get clothes out of washer tonight so they don’t get musty smell
18. Go to bed!!!!
19. Enjoy my Friday!
20. Enjoy your Friday too 🙂

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