Birthday Dinner – Red Lobster – Joplin, MO

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I am not a seafood fan.  Let’s state that for the record.  However when I was asked where I wanted my birthday dinner I chose Red Lobster.  Why, you may ask.  Well, I like their biscuits.  They are the bomb diggity!  Plus I love their Cajun Chicken Pasta.  Yep, that’s right, I went to a fish place for chicken pasta.  It happens :).

Such an interesting piece of information I should share is, I was born on my grandma’s 51st birthday.  So that makes this year her 80th birthday.  Do the math to figure out how old I am ;).

My husband, parents and I did the 4 Course Seafood Feast (yes I had Chicken on it!!)

This was my soup Choice – Creamy Potato Bacon Soup.  Tbug wound up eating most of my soup.  She approved.  So did I ;).

Hubby got the Chicken Fajita Soup

Oh hey, here’s the birthday girl and hubby right here 🙂

Then it came with your choice of Caesar or Garden Salad.  We both got the Caesar.

Then came the main entree.

Hubby got Jumbo Coconut & Pineapple Grilled Shrimp.

and of course I got the Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo.

My uncle’s girlfriend brought us cupcakes to have and then everyone sang Happy Birthday really loud.  I’ll have to share the recipe with you real soon!  They’re fabulous!  I actually ate mine a couple days later.

Because our meals came with desserts.

This was mine – Triple Chocolate brownie a’ la mode.  This was decadent and to die for!

Hubby had the Key Lime Pie.  It wasn’t bad either.

My Aunt J had Apple Crostada with Caramel Drizzle.  We made her let us take a photo… lol.

And the restaurant brought grandma and me a birthday card.

Tbug kept eyeballing my dessert so I ate just under half and gave her the rest.  I’d say she approved too, wouldn’t you?

The manager came around and spoke to us.  He was hilarious.  When I first walked in I was carrying my grandma’s birthday present.  He said, “Oh for me?  How did you know it was my birthday?”… LOL.  He picked on me all night long.  It was fun and funny at the same time.  I’ve gone a lot of places for my birthday dinners but I would have to say, this ranked right up there as all time favorites.

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 **These opinions are all my own.  They don’t know me.  Plus all pictures are mine taken with my iPhone or big camera unless otherwise stated**

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