The many faces of Mudd!!!

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My dad has been wanting another male Australian Shepherd Dog for a while. For Father’s Day 2009, my mom and I went on the hunt for one. A surprise to us, Dad had also been looking and found one. Well we admitted we’d been looking and low and behold, we got him a Blue Merle with a blue and a brown eye. Next came the challenge of naming him. Eventually he got the name Mudflap, more as a joke than anything but it stuck. We now either call him Mudflap or Muddy or Mud for short. He is one cool Dog. Sunday I was helping my dad and Prince Charming haul hay, actually I knew I wouldn’t have much to do so I drug my camera along and took pictures to entertain myself and try to make myself better. In the mean time got some great shots of my model for the day so I now present to you: Mudflap and all his faces 🙂

He heard the clicking on my camera. Anytime you talk to him he cocks his head one direction or the other.

Again the clicking on the camera was causing this.

Here he was intent on the sheep and Joe the Llama. I finally got his attention though.

Then something interested him in the barn and away he went.

I hollered his name the whole time he ran past me and finally he stopped to look.

Then once he scoped out the barn proceeded to look at me again.

By this time we were hauling hay and he really wanted to go for a ride so dad threw him in the bed of the truck.

We had to do an up close shot 🙂 Yes he has a blue and a brown eye!!

By this point he was intently watching the tractor and my dad.

Then I got his Joe Cool attitude face.

Then he peered around the tongue of the trailer at me… hehe

And finally ended the day with a good belly rub. I bet that was his favorite part!!

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