Project – Excitement

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Ok we didn’t announce this one, and we haven’t forgotten about project chair, it’s still in the works, we’ve just apparently lost our minds or something… who knows but it’ll get posted eventually. And trust me, I’ve been busy working away with my camera :)… you are so in for a treat these next couple of posts. So on to unveiling the Excitement photos 🙂

Nicole: These last few weeks at work have been extremely busy and Thursday was no different. The one big change, I walked out to my SHMILY! It made the day melt away!!!

Prince Charming: Prince Charming was so excited about proposing to me. This is his excitement. The proposal was also videoed and there was a shot he wishes would have been made into a photo b/c that really would have been his, trying to slow his heart!

Next weeks word: Eyes

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