I Like Cheeseburgers!!!

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So since I’ve been pregnant I have to say there have been things that don’t sound good at all… ie steak and bacon onion dip mix. So sad! But really those have been my only aversions so far and here we are in the 30+ weeks. There are days that nothing really sounds good, but so far I can tell you that something that has sounded good all the way through is the world famous… Cheeseburger!

Saturday hubby and I took parts to the tractor over to my dad and my mom decided we needed to go eat lunch. She chose Stogey’s Coney Island for lunch. Hey I was in… Cheeseburger city!

I should mention that I went for a double cheeseburger. Yum! I can’t help it… and it’s one of the good ones! heck yeah!

Mom went for this footlong coney dog. So did dad.

Hubby went for the footlong coney dog as well….

but his had the onions on it. I should have snagged a bite because dang that looks good but I was so focused on my cheeseburger. They all commented how good their coney dog was though!

Then we went for baskets of fries to share. I really thought I wanted the curly fries, because really who doesn’t love curly fries?

Then we got a basket of regular fries. I learned we should have just gotten the regular fries because they were sooooooo yummy!

After we ate (btw keep in mind they only take cash) it was time for dessert. Who doesn’t want ice cream when it’s hot outside? The high on Saturday was 81 and when you’re pregnant I think that ups the degrees 5-10 degrees 🙂 No I’m not complaining, I got ice cream out of the deal 🙂 We went to Andy’s Frozen Custard after lunch.

I just got tickled watching this machine. It was constantly kicking the frozen custard out just like you see here.

Dad went for a Blackberry Concrete

I’m losing my mind so I can’t remember what my mom got but it was one of the seasonal concretes…

Hubby wanted Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Concrete. It was good and tasted like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

I went with the Strawberry Shortcake Sunday (seasonal) because hey why not?!?! It was awesome! I really like strawberries though 🙂

And that was our food on Saturday. Remember, I love Cheeseburgers! speaking of the word love… in other languages there are many words to use for love for example when you love your spouse is different than when you love food… but in English we just love it all.

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