Cozumel Mother’s Day Part 2

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About half of our group or so stayed an extra few days in Cozumel. 3 different families brought their mothers/fathers/daughters and we wanted to play “tourist” with the additional family members. One of our excursions were to jump on the ferry and travel across to the mainland. Our destination… Chichén Itzá.

If you ever have the opportunity to go to Cozumel, I’d definitely suggest taking the ferry across to the mainland. It was about 45 minutes. The cab driver that dropped us off at the ferry station recommended to buy a one way ticket since there are multiple ferry companies that travel back and forth and they won’t accept another ferry companies tickets. It just keeps you from getting stuck for 3 tickets when you only need two.

So this is a real pirate ship that travels around Cozumel but it is actually a dinner cruise from what I’ve researched.

From Playa del Carmen it is 3 hours straight through to Chichén Itzá. We took a private charter which gave us the option to use the interstate and go straight through, otherwise if you go the long route it takes 5 hours to get there. We weren’t in the mood for the long route. The short route does require tolls.

We kept seeing these ropes across the road wondering. Hubby joked that it was a Monkey trail, and in fact, it is a monkey crossing. You are driving right through the jungle and it keeps the monkey’s off the roadway. The driver told us that he’s never seen monkey’s use the ropes, but he has seen other jungle animals out on the roadway. Our trip… Pretty quite.

On the trip there we told him we wanted to stop for lunch. He pulled over at the halfway point and it was this little thing out in the middle of nowhere but they had the BEST food. OH. MY. GOSH!

Then we got to Chichén Itzá, but I’m going to save that for a separate post.

Once we got back to the island, it was dinner time. There was a HUGE fishing tournament this weekend we were there. Most people were down at the pier and navigating the pier was crazy! Especially with a toddler. We ate at a restaurant called Fogo do Brazil and it was Yummy!

We took our mother’s and Abug around the island. We wound up with the Mexican flag for a shot. We saw Coconuts Bar and Grill. We went to town. We just tried to do everything we could.

We even got caught up in a rainstorm.

Mother’s Day!!

Punta Sur, the south lighthouse isn’t open on Sunday’s so we ran down there on Monday to take our mom’s and Abug up into the lighthouse.

Last year when we stopped at the Crocodile pit there weren’t any to be seen. Best we saw were the shoes, but this year…. we saw 2. Woohooo! It was a little eerie walking above them, not going to lie.

We then went back to the hotel for lunch and to swim for a bit. The explanation of this photo… She was PO’ed at me because her face was starting to get a little red and I made her put my hat on her head. Yup, we had a meltdown because we had to wear a hat.

She also took it upon herself to clean the pool. The kid loves to clean.

The whole time we were there, the only thing she asked was to see dolphins. I’m not sure where she got that in her head, but she did. One of the days we went diving, mom and Memaw took her out on the boat with us and we actually had a dolphin traveling with our boat. But she wanted to see one, so there is a local dolphin place just down the street from the hotel we stayed at and we got her tickets to play with the dolphin. Too this day she still talks about it, so I guess that was money well spent!

And it was a great trip… we were sorry to have to leave the island! Although I could have done without getting our car towed… another story for another day.

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