Daylight Donuts {Carthage, MO}

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It seems like at my house, Wednesday is known as Donut Day. As a treat, we go to the donut shop in town, get a dozen glazed donuts and then… eat them. No, not all of them, we share with friends. But my daughter, when she sees the donut shop starts going crazy yelling Donuts, donuts! I think she likes fried dough!

Oddly enough, we always get glazed donuts. We never get anything else. It’s our treat. That’s what matters. We are always willing to try donuts from other places, but these are still at the top of our list, although Haskell’s in West Monroe, Louisiana gives these a run for their money. Haskell’s, if you read this… you might want to move here so we can eat yours too, or maybe not so we’ll still continue to eat these. I guess we’ll see.

It is always fun when the donut shop gives my baby some donut holes. She loves them… but she always eats the glazed donuts as well.

Anyone have any suggestions on better ones we should try? We’re always willing. haha.



*Pulled from my old blog Paved Dirt Roads

One thought on “Daylight Donuts {Carthage, MO}

  1. LOL Well I don't think my suggestions will help much, as I don't think our best donut places are available south of the border. 😉 My favourite is Tim Horton's – actually, I think there are some Timmie's in the States, but I doubt any in your area (I think they're more likely in the northern states, closer to the border). There's also a well-known little local place in Ottawa called Suzy Q's which I tried for the first time this summer, and they were soooo good. So many different kinds! YUM!!

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