Rehearsal Surprises

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So just as PC kept the secret about the Personal’s shower from me, I got to keep a secret of my own from him. Remember back in April we headed down to Kentucky to see these guys?

Greg, Tim, Welch & PC

Tim deployed to Afghanistan in early May. Greg deployed in late May, early June and then Welch deployed in August.

When we started planning our wedding we knew there was a good possibility that none of them would be at the wedding. As far as we knew Tim was to deploy for 6 months (May + 6 months = November) and Greg and Welch for 1 year (=2011). That made PC very sad but we proceeded on with our plans. Tim’s services over there were done in 2 1/2 months (he is a civilian contractor as well as Greg.) so he was home Mid-July to early August. That meant he had the opportunity to attend the wedding and he was planning on it.

Ok so there’s some of your back ground details.

Now… moving on to the secret…

During the month of August PC would talk to Tim and things that were being said had PC thinking that Greg was going to try and put in for leave time so he could be home for our wedding but he wasn’t 100% sure. Then Greg kept asking him questions such as when’s the wedding, etc so that really made PC curious. Then the week of August 23rd Greg sent me a message on G-talk saying that he wasn’t sure how good I was at keeping a secret and he hoped that he didn’t make a mistake by telling me this but… he was planning on putting in for leave so that he could be at the wedding. That made me so happy! Tim & Greg would be at the wedding for PC… how much better could that be? But I had to keep it a secret! {sigh} I hate keeping secrets from him but I was going to :). So then PC would say things to me during that week and I had to play dumb.

On Monday Aug 30th PC really suspected that Greg was coming home because he hadn’t been on G-talk for a while. So to help with the secret I emailed Greg:

So I have no idea where you are at in the world or even if you’ll get this… but PC just sent me a message saying… I haven’t seen Greg on-line in a while. I’m not sure if you get to come home like you planned to or not but he thinks something is up… so if you get this and can think of some way to get on line I would… just to throw him off.

So Tuesday morning Greg called PC around 6:30am and PC didn’t get his phone answered. He was so bummed! Then Greg tried again so it was more around 11:30 our time and PC got to talk to Greg. Greg went on about how he was on one of the Air-force bases, etc and didn’t have access to internet. He even went so far as to ask to talk to me and give me the “talk” about if I hurt him, that they’ll kill me and that PC is their boy etc. haha!

Now I have to admit, getting the “talk” threw me off too but looking back I’m pretty sure it was to keep me from giving anything away with my facial expressions.

So let’s jump forward to the night of rehearsal….

PC had been bugging Tim about, When are you coming? Get here soon! etc because he misses those guys… They showed up at the church during rehearsal. When we started rehearsal I played both slide shows I did for the wedding so that all family got to see the shows in case they were all busy the next day.

So I’m not sure what caused me to look over my shoulder but I did, and when I did, I saw Greg. So I elbowed PC and told him to look over his shoulder. He looked at me and said what? Again I told him to look over his shoulder. He somewhat did but looked at my mom who was sitting right behind us and then said, What am I looking for? I just said, Look over your shoulder. A couple more times of that and he did one of those double take moments. He looked, re-looked, and jumped up and ran over to where Greg was sitting and tackled him in a bear hug. (Now you have to understand these 3 are like brothers). I was so happy right then I could hardly contain my excitement for PC and of course I got up and went to hug both of them!

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  1. What an amazing friend, and amazing WIFE! You're great at keeping secrets—I on the otherhand, SUCK! That is such a cool surprise. Great story!

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