Unexpected Surprises…

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Brittany over at Unexpected Surprises is hosting a giveaway based off a Photo Montage. Now the prize is based off the type of photos you do… I thought it would be awesome to do one with the soon to be daughter, but that wasn’t an option, this weekend wasn’t our weekend to have her. So Saturday the fiance, my dad, and one of the groomsmen were to get measured for tuxes (more to come on that), plus we toured the church (more to come on that as well). While we were killing time waiting for everyone to show up, I conned him into doing some photos with me to enter 🙂 They aren’t the best, we probably won’t win, they were taken with my iPhone into a mirror, but hey it was a fun way to kill some time waiting. Should I mention we had to wait an hour. Yeah 🙂 so enjoy and don’t laugh at me to much, it might hurt my feelings :).

Isn’t he such a good sport?

Now Brittany said she has extended it to tonight, so if you’re interested buzz on over there and hurry up!!!

Oh yeah and those are lights for my wreathe. Another thing we did to waste time, find Christmas lights in July for my outdoor year round wreathe.

Peace, Love, and a Loving Fiance!

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