Sand the rest of the story, ha!

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Yes, that wasn’t puny… although it was….

Okay so I blogged 12 days in a row and then fell off the face of blog land for 2 days. I can’t explain it other than I think school might just kick my butt this semester. Not only do I have classes but I have comps. Remember my mention about the book list…. ugh! But I’ll have you know I just finished Wurthering Heights by Emily Brontë.

Anyway I mentioned in our post coming home from Pensacola Beach that there was a story about us and sand and that I would share it at a future date. Today is the future date.

I’ve mentioned before that my husband and I went to high school together… we were just friends, never dated.

Our sophomore year of high school our band went to Disney World. One of the days that we were in Florida the band headed over to Cocoa Beach. That was only my second time ever going to the beach because hello… I live in a land locked state. (My first was to South Carolina 3 years previous to this trip.)

While at the beach I might have snagged a handful of sand. At the time I did it I didn’t realize I’d still have it almost 20 years later and that it would have some meaning. Meaning you ask? Well… my husband and I were at this beach at the same time as really good friends. And yes, I still have the sand… Sadly it almost got dumped one day just because I knocked over the ring box. Yes, you’d think I’d put it in a better box, but for now, that’s what it’s in and has been for years.

So jump forward a few years… when hubby and I went to Hawaii on our 1 year anniversary, I just so happened to bring home a handful of sand from the beach again.

So in 2013 when hubby and I became Scuba Certified I grabbed a handful of sand again. I don’t have a picture of it though… it’s in a Coca Cola bottle somewhere in my house, at the time it’s been misplaced but it isn’t totally lost!

So that meant that the next time we went to the ocean, we needed sand, right? Yup, we picked up a handful of sand from Pensacola Beach.

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