50 Reasons

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There are more than 50 reasons why I love you, but I thought I would share a few… I hope you enjoy baby, this is for you!!!
1 I love you, that’s reason enough.

2 The way you treat me, I feel like a princess around you… I get the royal treatment!
3 You have gorgeous blue eyes.
4 Kisses!!

5 Hugs!!
6 How you greet me when I’ve had a bad day at work!
7 How you listen to me, even if I’m off on a ranting and raving tangent.
8 How can we forget the gorgeous truck!!!
9 That I get in trouble if I open my own door 🙂
10 That you love my parents and spending time with them.
11 That you love the fact I love horses!
12 Actually that you yourself Love horses!!!
13 The fact that you served our country.

14 And how you overlook my silly mistakes.
15 How handsome you look dressed up!
16 And the fact you like to dress up.
17 You also trust my clothing tastes.
18 You are very determined.
19 A Hard worker!!
20 and Extremely smart!!!
21 Of course, you are my P.C. (Prince Charming and computer tech person) 🙂

22 You humor me and take photos with me :).
23 You don’t get mad at me for taking your photo.
24 You help around the house.
25 You love spending time with me.
26 Have I mentioned that I love you yet just cause??
27 You were there when I needed you the most!
28 There’s always Florida!
29 and hitting you in school to wake you up…
30 You take everything that comes your way and roll with the punches.
31 That you would rather drive by yourself late at night then for me to drive myself home late at night.
32 You are always willing to learn something new with me.
33 and stay up to date on what few tv shows I actually watch.
34 And another obvious, the way you love me… 🙂
35 You can outdo me any day on song lyrics!
36 You want nothing but the best for me.
37 You don’t scoff at some of my crazy ideas either.

38 I even love it when you get adamant about something.
39 You have an outstanding singing voice.
40 You take notice of everything I wear! It makes me feel special and definitely want to dress up for you!!!

41 The way you love me (yes it’s twice but that’s just something extremely exciting and worthy of mentioning more than once!)
42 You have a heart of Gold.
43 You Take care of your own family too!
44 You Love animals!!

45 You are tackling my horse when no one else seems to have time!
46 You are you and not putting on a show!
47 You brought Tbug into my life!

48 You are a GREAT father!!

49 How you get embarrassed by the cute things your daughter says to me and my family!
50 and Last but not least the #1 most important thing is I love you, that’s it, no ifs ands or buts about it!!!!

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