Careful What You Wish For

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If you know me any at all, I’m not a morning person; I don’t like being woke up, nothing. Just leave me be. Well, all my friends who have kids tell me that’ll all change when I have kids. I keep saying No Thank you! or My husband can do that… LOL. In all honesty, I’m sure if I had to I would and I’ve also been told it is a lot easier when it is your kid vs. someone else’s, we’ll see someday maybe. I haven’t decided yet. But I’ve also said if I have a kid it better come out walking, talking, and potty trained. That is the latest joke and boy it gets better. So one day someone asked what my ideal age to have would be. I was like well I went to school to teach high school (agriculture) so I really like that age group but if I had to go younger, probably 6.

That is a fun age because they start doing stuff; they understand stuff and are fun to me… So I was sitting at work the other day and I have a digital photo frame. On there are all kinds of pictures (I think like 147 right now). There are photos from photography class; there are photos off Prince Charming’s computer, off mine, etc., also photos of me, photos of him, photos of us, photos of Tbug (his daughter), etc. etc. etc. The list goes on. So I was sitting here watching the photos flip through and it hit me like a freight train… I got exactly what I wanted… a 6-year-old who is walking, talking (constantly), and potty trained named Tbug. She is a doll and I love her dearly!

Tbug is an absolute sweetheart, but sometimes watch what you wish for, but I definitely wouldn’t ask for anything different!!!

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