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Wow, November 1st is pretty awesome as of yesterday. First and foremost, hubby turned 33. Yup, 33 years ago yesterday his momma brought him into this world. And knowing him, she probably had her hands full at times. I know I sure do… whew :).

When we woke up yesterday morning, and remember yesterday morning we hit standard time so we gained an hour, hubby looked at me and said he was hungry. I told him I had the stuff to make pancakes or waffles, which did he want. He chose waffles. And here is the only picture I took of breakfast…. (homemade Vanilla that I sent a picture of to Karen asking her a question….)

From there we headed to my parents. Mom and dad’s fireplace was messed up and Hubby said he could fix it for them. We also did his birthday presents. No pictures, we did it in a hurry. And the most wrapping he got was in plastic bags. Yeah we went all out. Hey I mentioned yesterday that one of his presents is still in the trunk of my car.

Hubby got a Chiefs backpack from Deb. From the girls and me he got some Pioneer Woman dishes (yes, he chose them), a couple pairs of dress slacks, and a mystery present (i.e. new house shoes. I can get by putting this on here, he never reads this anyway anymore). Mom and dad got him a Chiefs crockpot, a pair of jeans, a PW spatula he had picked out and a meat thermometer fork thing we found at Bed Bath and Beyond. Right up his alley.

Then he chose to eat lunch at Red Lobster. Actually, Tbug got braces put on Thursday so he gave her 2 choices, Red Lobster and Johnny Carino’s and she chose Red Lobster. We were trying to find something that would be easy for her to eat too. Right now they have endless shrimp going on. Everyone (my mom and dad, hubby, Tbug, my grandma and Memaw) got Endless shrimp but me. I got the Cajun Chicken Pasta Alfredo (actually I got the 4 course meal, same price and I got Potato Bacon soup, a Caesar salad, and a brownie dessert I let the girls share). No pictures, because I’m cool like that.

We had to run to Academy before heading back to my parents house. Then we went to mom and dad’s. Hubby got a short nap. I went downstairs to start doing something in my parents basement when I realized my dad was out at the barn. I wandered out there and he was catching Blonde Barbie. Tbug has been wanting to ride her for a while now so I went in and told Tbug to put her boots on and get outside, grandpa was riding. Then I found Abug’s shoes and we went outside too. I woke hubby up so he could go watch Tbug ride Blonde Barbie for the first time.

The thing about Blonde Barbie is we started breaking her in 2013, then I got pregnant with Abug and couldn’t ride. So really we’ve worked with her a lot this year. She’s what they call green broke but she’s so awesome. I’m just saying. I think Tbug was a bit nervous, but she was in a very controlled environment and got to try her out so it was a positive for everyone.

Someone happened to see sissy riding and someone thought she needed to ride too. So I went and got Aloha for her and dad/grandpa finished saddling her because Aloha is a pain in the butt to saddle. She’s a great kids horse but a pain in the butt to saddle.

When Tbug got off Blonde Barbie I asked if she wanted to ride Aloha with Abug. She jumped at the chance. Eventually she got to the point where she wanted to ride by herself so grandpa took Abug for her.

By that point I was on Blonde Barbie. We put Abug up on the saddle with me. I wouldn’t do any to get either of my girls into a bind. I just loved that Abug was able to get on Blonde Barbie too.

Then we had to quickly unsaddle horses, Tbug had to change her clothes and away we went to meet her mom.

It was a beautiful day. The Chiefs played a “home” game in London against the Detroit Lions and won 45 to 10. The Kansas City Royals won the World Series. So there you have it. A recap of hubby’s birthday

Oh and Hallmark Christmas movies started this weekend. I love and hate them at the same time. I love Christmas movies. They are just so predictable sometimes.

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