10 Things to Smile About October

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Hi. So I’m a little late to this game, but that’s okay. The month of October was an extremely STRESSFUL month for me. If you remember I wouldn’t shut up about Comps. Now I’m waiting for the results. Let’s get started with 10 Things to Smile About October

10. The day of Comps (Oct 29) I had a break down. I started crying in the library. The stress got to me. So i turned on Christmas music and listened to it all day because, who can be unhappy or stressed out when Christmas music is playing? Yes, that was my thinking and it worked. I only had that one break down. We could also listen to music while we were taking comps. I had my Christmas music on reserve.

9. Month 2 of my Project 365 take 2 down! I’m pretty proud of myself too. Please don’t think I’m vein.

8. I entered a Chili cookoff and won 3rd place, but better yet, we were able to raise $3,400 for children who might not get a Christmas otherwise.

7. Squirrel Girl turned 16 months. While I’m a little sad she’s growing up so quickly, she’s so much fun and I just absolutely love this stage.

6. I participated in the Underwater Pumpkin Carving this year. Holy cow is that a work out but soooo much fun!

5. We were able to take Abug to a pumpkin patch again this year. I’m sad we couldn’t take Tbug, but sometimes when we only see her a couple times a month it is soooooo hard!

4. I got the opportunity to visit local farms in the Southwest Missouri area with the Missouri Women Bloggers and Missouri Farm Bureau.

3. We were able to get another cutting of hay for the cows for winter.

2. We celebrated my daddy’s birthday!

1. We pulled off a surprise birthday party for a friend.

I’m not going to lie, I’m worried about my Comps test results. But I have 2 more tries to pass them if the worst happens, I failed this round. So either way there was a lot to smile about in the month of October even though I was totally stressed out and lost a lot of hair. I’m not sure if that’s related or not. Anyway Thanks Emmymom for reminding us that there are always reasons to smile!

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