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Have you ever heard the phrase, “Can’t died in the corn-patch?”
It’s something my dad used to always tell me that his school teacher always told him.  And that phrase has stayed with me since I was a little kid, obviously.

So this last weekend was a busy weekend with baling hay at our house.  I’m sick of square bales now.  I much prefer the round bales, but that’s totally not the point of this post.  Getting back on topic, square bales can weigh anywhere from 50-95lbs.  Very seldom do you get that higher end but you can.

Tbug was over this weekend.  Now she’s seen the fun side of owning/riding horses and that’s the whole, riding of the horses.  Giving them a bath isn’t all that bad either, especially if it is hot and so are you!  But on the other end of that is the caring & feeding of horses.  It’s always cheaper if you can bale your own hay or at least pick it up out of the field if you’re buying it so you aren’t paying someone else for their labor.  She’s never been around any of those times though, until this weekend.

She got to experience all of the fun that went with it, from riding around on the tractor with her daddy mowing hay, fixing the tractor, raking hay, baling hay and even picking it up out of the field and putting it into the barn.  I’m not so sure she didn’t go home Sunday night to her mom’s and crash.

She was a lot of help too!  She rode around with her daddy on the tractor Friday night mowing the hay down.

Later in the evening when they were working on the air conditioner on the cabbed tractor, she was helping hand her daddy parts and helped me move all his tools from the broken tool box to the new tool box he got for Father’s Day.

Saturday morning she ran to town with her daddy to get pallets to put the hay on in the barn, the parts store to get a piece for the AC, and to my parents house to get the rake.  Then her daddy sent me back after the flat bed trailer while they raked the field.  She even got to drive the tractor & rake for a few laps.  {No I didn’t get pictures, I was getting the stupid trailer… lol :).}

Then she rode around with her daddy for a few laps to bale hay.  Later in the early afternoon she hopped off the tractor and rode around on the hay trailer with me helping load the hay.

Sunday she was a trooper again because she was back out there helping ride around on the trailer while we were loading hay up.  Then when we took a load over to my parents barn (after ours was full), she helped unload the trailer.  I would roll the bales to her and she would roll bales off to her daddy & Robert for them to take into the barn.  Then I had her switch places with me and she rolled them to me and I put them on the hay elevator to go up into the loft after the main part of the floor was full.

Every now and again she would tell me she “Can’t” do something.  So I had to explain to her the difference between “I can’t” and “I really could use some help.”  I’m not quite sure she knew what to say when I told her You can do anything you put your mind to if you really want, but the only thing you “can’t” do is pee standing up.  Yes, I said that.  Later her daddy pointed out that in fact she could, it would just be messy.  Ok so anyway, I hope she walked away from this weekend with an “I Can” attitude :).

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  1. Haha I guarantee you made an impact, because I love that perspective! “The only thing you can't do is pee standing up”. You can tell her that I knew there was no way that I could ever drive a motorcycle, and look who just got her license? That proved to me that I can do ANYTHING.

  2. Love what you told her- too funny but oh so true and a good thing to learn. And so awesome she helped out all weekend.
    Great PMM! Thanks for linking up

  3. OH I have never heard the saying, but so true. Ariana is always telling me she can't do something. It drives me crazy. Man I'm glad I have a boy, because I feel like all of your posts lately have been about girl things that drive me crazy! haha. I'm sure Hayes will figure out many ways to drive me crazy also. Growing up I don't remember ever telling an adult no, or that I couldn't do something. If someone told me to do it, I would always at least try. Maybe my memory is just fogged, but I really can't remember purposely defying an adult. I'm not sure if it is just laziness, or if we as adults haven't put enough fear of God in their eyes. Either way since I actually have a child that I get to raise from the beginning(instead of some other crazy like Ariana) I plan on making damn well sure that he does what he is told, says please, thank you, yes sir and yes ma'am.

    Wow I must be on one this morning! haha. I do think there is nothing cuter than a little boy who says sir and ma'am. Love it!

  4. A great life lesson learned.
    Now Tbug understands a little more of the real work involved in having horses. It's not all fun, but it's part of the game. 🙂

  5. My daddy always told me “Can't never could do anything”! Hope she got the lesson. Your hubby is right ya know LOL

  6. Great post. What a great weekend for Tbug.
    Glad she got to learn from you. I had not heard that before, so thanks for teaching me, too. :o)

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