Movie: Men in Black

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Earlier this week, or maybe it was late last week, my days are kind of running together at this point as I’ve been fighting a cold, the flu, an ear infection, a cough for 4 weeks now. Okay… anyway I mentioned a few weeks ago I like the Timehop app… and no noone is telling me to mention this app…. That was an interesting paragraph… blame it on the prescription cough medicine I just took!

So I was perusing through my day through the years and at the end they give you a bit of time trivia. This just so happened to be what came up…

First off I should mention I loved this movie.

So I was in early high school when this came out. One day during the summer I was invited over to my friend Taria’s house for the day. If you remember, this is also around the same time that the N64’s came out and she had MarioKart. I had 2 controllers and that game system would hold 4 controllers so I took my 2 over, she had 2 and the tournament was on between her siblings and me.

Her parents had a huge stereo system and it had surround sound so Taria put the Men in Black CD on and away we went. One of the songs is all instrumental and playing MarioKart while hearing that particular song in surround sound made us all extremely competitive. It was hilarious and intense.

So after I heard that song I wanted the sound track. So I think it was for Christmas that year my grandma asked what I wanted and I told her I wanted the Men in Black sound track CD. Simple enough, right?

At the time we had a local Hastings store so my grandma went to Hastings to find the CD I wanted. A guy came up and asked her if he could help her locate something and she told him, yes, I want “All the Black Men CD.” And that my friends is how my family started referring to the movie as “All the Black Men”… lol :).

It’s fun stories like this that I remember so vividly about my grandma. It’s hard to believe that my grandma has been gone since September 11, 2007. I miss her every day and it upsets me so much that she was never able to meet my great family. Hubby, Tbug and Abug missed out on meeting a great lady but even more so a great lady missed out on these incredible people.

So Grandma, I know you can’t read this but know I still love and miss you! I love you!

p.s. read the bottom “fact” on the picture. Hope you laugh :). It’ll lighten the mood!

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