Fourth of July

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Hi… my name is Nicole and I’m a picture addict. I totally like them and I make no apologies for that. The thing I do apologize for is not printing more and displaying more. That’s one problem I have with digital photos, otherwise I absolutely LOVE them!

Saturday was the 4th of July. Hubby had to go with the MO Governor’s Mounted Guard to help park cars for the Seneca fireworks. Baby girl and I stayed at the house so she could nap and not get to hot and then we had plans to go down later in the evening.

Hubby on the other hand was supposed to take pictures because a girl has a blog and needs pictures… dun dun dun… epic fail. ha! He didn’t take any.

Baby girl and I went over to grandma and grandpa’s around 5pm to see what they were up to and invite them down to watch the fireworks with us. Around 7 or so we loaded up, went and ate dinner at Applebee’s and then headed down to the fireworks.

There is no epic fail there though… I took pictures!

They put on one heck of a show. Apparently something happened during this particular show but it was still fabulous!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.


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