Cinco de Mayo Sunday Night Dinner style

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About a month ago I started thinking about Cinco de Mayo and wondering if it happened to at least fall on a weekend if not a Sunday night.  And sure enough it did fall on Sunday night.  I sent Earl a text letting her know and then probably became a PITA (pain in the a**) about don’t forget :).

And she remembered.  Here was our Sunday Night Dinner invite.

And there sits the stuff for Margaritas.  Hey Doti… you missed out :).  I however have never had a Margarita and today I can still say the same thing.  I stuck with sweet tea.

Our theme was Nachos since it was Cinco de Mayo and last week we did Mexican theme.  So here’s the hamburger for Nacho toppings.

I swear, the best thing in the world to make is your own tortilla chips.  They beat the store bought ones any day!

Earl made the cheese dip for the nachos.

Hubby did Shrimp (camarón).  One of the Mexican restaurants we eat at all the time has Nachos dos Arcos and it has shrimp, chicken and beef on the Nachos.

Truthfully I never saw this out so I’m not sure if it was or not 🙂

Then we had lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, avocado, corn, cilantro, green onions, sour cream and homemade Guacamole.

Party Nacho Cheesecake.  It had cream cheese, shredded chicken, chips, and much more.  Yummo!

This was new, while the food was being cooked we watched they Daytona 500.  First time I’ve seen Nascar on the tv during a Sunday night dinner :).

Then they called dinner time and the kiddo’s took over the table.  We had just enough chairs for them to all sit around the table together.

And of course why put the food in your mouth when you can wear it 🙂  Toooo cute!

AL made a Strawberry Margarita cake with Straberry Margarita icing.  Holy yum!

Earl made a Flan (a traditional Mexican Custard dessert).  I’d never had flan before, but everyone said this was the best they’ve had ever.  It was Earls first time making a Flan.

Hubby came in the house and helped Earl and AL fry up Sopapilla’s.  He needed to use the cabinet to prop himself up though…

LAR decided it would be fun to stick icing in hubby’s ear.  She asked me if he’d be mad and I said no but I wanted a photo of it :).

I was kicked back at the table while hubby, Earl and AL were doing all the work.  Every now and again I’d sneak in and grab a sopapilla.

Poor Zebra girl was getting fits because her jeans were too short on her long legs.

Little Butt gave me her heart… how cute is that!

The weather was a lot warmer than the previous day but Pokey went ahead and started a fire anyway where everyone gathered at the end of the night.

Oh yeah, and the Sombrero’s may have been broken out at one point or another as well!

One more fabulous Sunday Night Dinner to go down in the record books!

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  1. Your dinners always sound so fun. Love the Cinco de Mayo theme! You totally should have tried a margarita, they are the best!

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